A Guide to Legends Of Crypto

What is Legends Of Crypto?

What makes Legends Of Crypto different?

Exciting gameplay

True ownership

Play to Earn:


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

How does the game work?

How is the game being developed?

  • PvE (arcade mode)
  • Friendly PvP
  • Tournament
  • Play to earn feature

Season 1 will be launched by Q3 of 2022:

  • Story-based PvE
  • Leagues
  • New cards
  • New currency
  • Cards with special abilities

Roadmap for the LOCGame

The LOCG Token

Legends Of Crypto’s Growth

The LOCGame’s Community



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LegendsOfCrypto | LOCGame

LOCGame is a Play2Earn #NFT & Collectible Strategy Card Game featuring legendary characters from #crypto & #web3