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What is Legends Of Crypto?

The world of cryptocurrencies has been built from the ground up by brilliant visionaries! These people have helped build a new world that’s more equitable, inclusive and decentralised. They deserve all the plaudits!

As a tribute to the legends behind the crypto revolution and the people who stand to take part in its future, the LegendsOfCrypto Game was born!

Legends of Crypto is a play-to-earn trading card game where players compete in an epic duel using fantasy cards. The game is being developed by RBL Labs BV, an Amsterdam-based gaming, and NFT studio headed by industry veteran Mik Mironov. The game pays tribute to the legends who shaped the crypto industry, by creating playable cards of these legends. Players of the game have complete ownership of cards, which means they have the freedom to trade, sell, and use their cards within or beyond the game.

How did Legends Of Crypto come about?

The story began in 2020, when Crypto Rebel was founded by Mikhail Mironov, and his partner Ollie. It began as a weekly crypto news digest, and quickly grew into a full-scale media and events company. The success of Crypto Rebel led to the founding of RBL Labs, which functions as both a gaming company for blockchain games and a fund for investment in blockchain startups!

The RBL Labs imprint has a simple mission; developing the gaming ecosystem for the human players of the future. We believe that by providing gamers with the economic incentives to own game assets and earn rewards, we can create a better ecosystem, together. Efforts by RBL Labs to bring this mission to fruition are what birthed The LegendsOfCrypto Game in early 2021!

What makes Legends Of Crypto different?

Exciting gameplay

Legends of Crypto is easy to pick up and play the game with a deep strategy that keeps the player at the end of the seat all the time. Legend of Crypto made a conscious decision of not making a clone of any existing game. The game draws inspiration from other popular card games and also integrates several never-before-seen features.

True ownership

Legends of Crypto cards and other items are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) based on ERC-721 or ERC-1155 standards supported by MATIC and Ethereum networks. This gives the player complete ownership of the in-game items making these items tradeable and transferable.

Play to Earn:

Legend sof Crypto enables players to earn meaningful rewards such as collectable NFTs and LOCG tokens by simply playing the game. This ability to earn tangible rewards while playing a competitive game is one of the keys to the driving force of the game.


LOCG is a native digital utility token of the Legends of Crypto ecosystem. To have a common unit of account in the game, all prices are defined in the LOCG token. LOCG token does not represent any shareholder, right, title or ownership in the company.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Legend of Crypto cards and other items are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) based on standards ERC-721 or ERC-1155 supported by MATIC and Ethereum networks. This gives the player complete ownership of the in-game items making these items tradeable and transferable. This NFT’s value is derived from the rarity, scarcity, art, and design and the LOCG token value as a kickback for the card purchased.

The ecosystem of LOCGame features an NFT marketplace, where players can purchase new NFT trading cards and other in-game assets. Each NFT card has a unique design and a visual rarity of Standard, Prestige, and Elite.

The genesis edition of LOCGame NFT cards is dedicated to the crypto industry’s recognizable and relatable characters. We choose this particular type of character because of their familiarity and relatability to the crypto community, which for the time being remains the largest user of NFTs and blockchain-based games. Psychology has lots of supportive data for marketing and design based on human relatability and familiarity. The more familiar and relatable, the better chance for consumers to buy a particular product or service.

Genesis NFT Card edition has 30 easily recognizable characters for anyone in the crypto industry, such as Day Trader, HODLer, Yield Farmer, Whale, and others. Genesis edition includes the following playing criteria:

● Influence,

● Innovation,

● Dev.Skills,

● Networth,

● Community

● Impact.

During the Genesis Sale on LOCGame Marketplace in November, cards were sold in packs. There were different themed packs which held a special surprise as you never knew exactly which cards you were going to receive. Some of the most promising packs are the Blockchain Founders pack, Crypto Celebrity, Metaverse, Defi and of course the MCW packs representing LOCGame’s Sports Advisor.

How does the game work?

The player needs 15 unique cards to play the game. The player can purchase these cards at the Marketplace or Open sea.

The core card game involves two players taking control of a 3 by 3 grid by placing cards on the playing field.

When the cards are placed on an empty block, they can “impact” enemy cards around them with damage, then attack in a direction. If their directional attack damage is higher than the opponent’s directional defence, they deal damage to that card’s health, and if the card reaches 0 health, it is removed from the board and the card takes its place. If there is another card in the same path, it can attack again. Otherwise, it occupies the block. When all blocks are filled, the player who controls the most blocks wins the game. If a player draws the last card from their deck, the game ends after the opponent’s next turn. Currently, the game is in the Beta State and features a Single-Player (arcade mode). PvP, deck builder is in the testing phase whereas Tournament in the Production phase.

How is the game being developed?

The game will be released in phases. Each phase will have new features added on top of the existing game providing an amazing experience in every launch.

Phase 1: The Beta was released in December 2021. The game was launched with only Arcade mode with a simple UI.

Season 0 will be launched by end of April which will have features like:

  • PvE (arcade mode)
  • Friendly PvP
  • Tournament
  • Play to earn feature

Season 1 will be launched by Q3 of 2022:

  • Story-based PvE
  • Leagues
  • New cards
  • New currency
  • Cards with special abilities

Roadmap for the LOCGame

The LOCG Token

The $LOCG token is the backbone of the LegendsOfCrypto ecosystem. Until now, the utility was limited to staking, rewards, and paying in $LOCG for the NFT cards in Genesis Edition. There is a burn mechanic embedded, with $2 million LOCG burnt last year out of a total supply of $150 million. Token distribution takes place via the token sale and interaction with the ecosystem that rewards participants with the LOCG token.

We expect the utility and demand for the token to go up drastically as the game progresses to Season 1 in June. Future usages of LOCG tokens will include Governance, meaning that if users hold enough $LOCG, they can participate in voting for game proposals, implementing new features, and more, as well as Kickback. All NFTs and card decks purchased on our marketplace will give users a kickback in $LOCG tokens.

Major investors in LOCG include Signum Capital, NGC, LD Capital, Terra Virtua the founders of Synthetix and Illuvium, Ascensive Assets and other prominent names. Polygon provided a gaming grant to RBL Labs for the development of LOCGame and pledged further technical assistance. The $LOCG token is tradable on Kucoin, Gate.io and Uniswap.

Legends Of Crypto’s Growth

Rbl Labs team consistently delivered on their road map last year by launching the NFT marketplace successfully, conducting their NFT sale and launching a demo version of the game. Marketing and Business Development highlights include a partnership with NBA star, Michael Carter Williams, the launch of LOCGame Art Foundation in Terra Virtua, partnership with blockchain games such as Illuvium and Cometh and crypto celebrities like Bitboy and Carl the Moon.

We analysed the team’s community and the content. LegendsOfCrypto Medium blog is run with rigour having 2–3 articles per week. The team provides transparent Friday weekly updates on Medium and conducts a live AMA with the CEO and tech team on Youtube monthly.

The LOCGame’s Community

Our community on Telegram and Discord not only engaged in Global groups but also in several active regional LOCGame groups in Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Turkey, and Spanish-South America. We make a constant effort to be actively involved in engaging with the community and launched a special ambassador initiative where active members will be rewarded from a DAO pool.

Many reputable influencers were involved with LegendsOfCrypto, unboxing their packs, playing LOCGame or even investing in $LOCG. Some of them are Bitboy, Carl the Moon, CryptoStache, Solem, CryptoGems, GoShinyHunter, Crypto Rain and New Kids on the Blockchain. In addition, many other regional influencers from Indonesia and Vietnam, Spain and Turkey covered LOCGame.

To check the latest developments and updates on LegendsOfCrypto, you can check the game’s official social media channels:









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