Alpha Launch Festival Winners Announced!

Congratulation to our five winners of the lottery for the Alpha Launch Festival!

You can check out the link of the winners here:

  • 1 NFT Crypto Celebrities Pack: 0x325964c1c1a47401fac5be2ddef57a3d414155c0
  • 1 NFT Crypto Founders Pack: 0xa27e23aa69d5dec352b7e3a5559cca2e1c6c2f46
  • 3 NFTs from our partners Dragons of Zobrotera:




Are you one of the lucky winners? If not, don’t worry, there’re many more upcoming festivals waiting for you.

We will distribute the NFT Packs and NFTs from Dragons of Zobrotera next week on December 16. Stay tuned and keep updating!



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