Announcing the LOCGame 2022 Ambassador Program!

What this Means for You

Being an ambassador for our project means actively contributing to the our main mission, which includes:

  • Promote the LOCGame regional communities to become more accessible and interactive within their respective groups


As an ambassador, there will be many opportunities to contribute to our mission and become a member of the LOCGame family. While creating our unique brand and personality in the crypto gaming sector, we’ll let each ambassador choose the activities and duties that best suit them.


  • Global Community Ambassador Lead (native English-speaker)
  • Global Community Ambassador (native English-speaker)


We’re looking for 4 community ambassadors for each country to growth the communities.

  • Community Ambassador (Spanish-speaking)
  • Community Ambassador Turkey Lead
  • Community Ambassador Turkey
  • Community Ambassador Indonesia Lead
  • Community Ambassador Indonesia
  • Community Ambassador China Lead
  • Community Ambassador China
  • Community Ambassador Vietnam Lead
  • Community Ambassador Vietnam
  • Community Ambassador (Korean-speaking Lead)
  • Community Ambassador (Korean-speaking)

Tasks & Responsibilities

Each ambassador will have their own set of unique tasks, as listed below.

Regional Community Managers

  • Lead and manage local groups on Telegram and Discord (WeChat for the China community)
  • Interact with the community/answer all questions
  • Report back on urgent topics
  • Update the weekly feedback report

Social Media Representative

  • Spread awareness of the project through social media platforms and forums to engage with users
  • Reach out to local press companies to publish our articles
  • Organize meetups and AMAs in your region

Content Creators

  • Create engaging content (articles, videos, graphics) on various topics related to the project (preferably someone with technical/blockchain knowledge)
  • Develop other creative content (growth hacking campaigns, viral content, stickers, gifs, memes, etc.)
  • Bring influencers (minimum 10k followers on Twitter or other social channels) to the platform
  • Write game reviews after playing the game


  • Test out new game features before they’re rolled out and give valuable feedback
  • Support members in the community with technical concerns


Our ambassadors will be brand representatives — they’ll even have their own avatar created by us! Apart from that, we will be rewarding our ambassadors of the month (Top 5-10) with a total of 1000$ in $LOCG per month & other exclusive rewards, like NFT packs! There will be a points counted by our Community Manager, and whoever gets the most points will be rewarded accordingly.

Join Us!

The process is quite straightforward — we’re accepting applications starting now: HERE.



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