Game Dev Update #4

Hello Legends!

It’s already been an entire month since our last Game Dev update… so much has gone on since then, and we’re extremely excited to share even more remarkable game updates with everyone.

Things are going according to plan, and we hope that you’ve all been pleased so far with what we’ve been implementing — take a seat and be prepared to indulge in some of our most mouthwatering updates yet!

As most of you already know, every last Friday of the month we have our Game Dev update, which is jam-packed with the latest and greatest news/updates. But first thing’s first! The big news on the agenda today is that we’ll be launching the next staking program this Q1 2022 (keep on reading to learn more)!


  1. Updates from JJJ Team
  2. Core Gameplay Update
  3. Game UX/UI Update
  4. More and More

Updates from JJJ Team

Let’s watch our Senior Developer guru Jay presents a tutorial on how to breakdown the token ID that his team has been working on:

Completed Sprint 18:

  • API Endpoint QA: Use the latest postman collection
  • Security
  • Status codes
  • Response payload
  • Performance
  • Destructive testing
  • Multipack Backend QA
  • Mobile Front-end QA
  • Same Image URI in Metadata and Database
  • Fix error logged on Metadata generation
  • Setup admin product add and validation
  • Create product edit admin page

Continue moving forward to:

  • Manually check failed transactions
  • Resolve customer issues
  • Load test
  • Update admin product UI
  • Optimize frontend to improve load times
  • Build new marketplace home page
  • Create new product card
  • Core Gameplay Updates

Core Gameplay Update

Let’s start with the update from our Gameplay Developer, Oleg.

Oleg has been working tirelessly on the social game with our two new Unity Game developers to make the multiplayer component possible. Meanwhile, the dev building feature is the priority that the Game Dev team has been focusing on.

Additionally, we’re happy to introduce you to our new game designer who will be joining our team and making some magic with the game.

Rakesh Menon:

Rakask is currently a Research Trainee at the Digital Society of School Amsterdam. His love for creating enhanced digital experiences for the community at large drove him to pursue a Masters in Game Design, building upon his undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering. His digital design experience spans across the domains of games, UX, gamification, augmented reality, and cinematography. He’s always keen to work on challenging projects with interesting people. Rakash decided to join LOCGame to fulfill his value to our project and get a chance to deep dive in the NFT game ecosystem.

Game UX/UI Update

The concept for the marketplace was displayed. The UX/IU team had many brainstorming meetings to discuss which visuals would be best suited with LOCGame’s branding guidelines.

More and More

Coming next: a new staking pool is right around the corner!!

We’re going to run a new staking program for our community members. Participants will get another amazing opportunity to earn rewards for staking their rare digital collectibles. To this point, you’ll all be able to earn a very special edition of our NFT packs. This is more proof that LOCGame is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

We’re hoping that everyone gets a chance to experiment with the marketplace and give your honest feedback — we greatly value your thoughts so we can make the upcoming game as incredible as possible.

Got feedback? Write us to!


LOCGame Team




New NFT Game & Collectible

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New NFT Game & Collectible

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