Game Dev Update #4

  1. Updates from JJJ Team
  2. Core Gameplay Update
  3. Game UX/UI Update
  4. More and More

Updates from JJJ Team

  • API Endpoint QA: Use the latest postman collection
  • Security
  • Status codes
  • Response payload
  • Performance
  • Destructive testing
  • Multipack Backend QA
  • Mobile Front-end QA
  • Same Image URI in Metadata and Database
  • Fix error logged on Metadata generation
  • Setup admin product add and validation
  • Create product edit admin page
  • Manually check failed transactions
  • Resolve customer issues
  • Load test
  • Update admin product UI
  • Optimize frontend to improve load times
  • Build new marketplace home page
  • Create new product card
  • Core Gameplay Updates

Core Gameplay Update

Game UX/UI Update

More and More



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