Game Dev Update #5

Hello, Legends!

It’s already been an entire month since our last Game Dev update… Even though we had some unexpected events in the world these days, we want to bring you some fresh and good news in-house.

Things are going according to plan, and we hope that you’ve all been pleased so far with what we’ve been implementing — take a seat and be prepared to indulge in some of our most mouthwatering updates yet!

As most of you already know, every last Friday of the month we have our Game Dev update, which is jam-packed with the latest and greatest news/updates. But first thing’s first! The big news on the agenda today is that we’ll be launching the next staking program next week (keep on reading to learn more)!


  1. Updates from JJJ Team
  2. Core Gameplay Update
  3. Game UX/UI Update
  4. More and More

Updates from JJJ Team

First of all, let’s watch what Jay is going to show you for the marketplace update and game stream:

Completed Sprint 18:

  • Implement new Sign Up/Login page
  • Build new marketplace home page
  • Build listing workflow

Continue moving forward to:

  • Optimize frontend to improve load times
  • Setup Admin Product Add and validation
  • Add MetaData update and create missing metadata functions to admin panel

Updates from Game Dev Team

Wohoo!!! The newest card design is finally ready to be added in for Season 0–1. Here we are developing the “card merging” feature that will enable players to combine multiple same cards and create a new special combined ones.

Completed Sprint 13:

  • Create New Kids on Blockchain and Cryptostache card
  • New multiplayer UI flow
  • Receiving/Sending cards
  • Convert popup overlays
  • WebGL on mobile research
  • Get user-owned tokenID and its metadata
  • Scoring system backend and frontend
  • Implement multiplayer game client
  • Create event manager for game client

Continue on Sprint 13:

  • Create API collection in postman
  • Compress audio file
  • Store/retrieve moves history frontend
  • Wireframe of player profile
  • Adding friend features

Game UX/UI Update

Here is the sneak peak of some of the potential brand new UI/UX designs being implemented in LegendsofCrypto. Look a little closer and you can see we are adding some new modes and tournaments. We just want to keep giving our community more fun ways to play the game and even more ways to earn.

More and More

Coming next: a new staking pool is right around the corner!!

We have some major news to announce next week as we partner with Kucoin once again. We are now busy setting up some brand new staking opportunities for fans of the $LOCG token. We are in the final phase of implementing everything and making sure we can give our fans the best and juiciest APR. Stay tuned as staking is not the only thing we are going to announce next week.

Got feedback? Write us to!


LOCGame Team




New NFT Game & Collectible

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New NFT Game & Collectible

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