Get Ready for the Apollo Edition NFT Sale!

Apollo Edition Overview

The Apollo Edition Presale

  • Your Apollo Edition NFT Cards at exclusive prices!
  • A chance to win one of three (3) DJ Soda Super-Elite packs (worth $400 each). You earn this based on competition points — only those with the highest points automatically participate in the lottery to win these packs.

Visual Rarity of the Cards in Apollo Edition.

  • Standard — 67.27% of the total supply
  • Prestige — 12.36% of the total supply
  • Elite — 10.55% of the total supply
  • Super Elite — 6.55% of the total supply
  • Legendary — 3.27% of the total supply

Types of Packs Available in Apollo Edition

  • Apollo Edition Pack
  • The Sacrifice
  • Dj Soda (in collaboration with DJ Soda)
  • Wolf of Crypto (in collaboration with designers from Burberry, Prada, Moschino, Etro, Dsquared)
  1. Apollo Edition

Why Participate in this sale?



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