LOCGame Monthly Update: August 2023

4 min readSep 4, 2023


Hello, Legends!

Top of the day to you, and a warm welcome to the breezy month of September. As the leaves start to turn and the winds of change blow, we too have been stirring up some excitement over at LOCGame. Sit tight and get comfortable; here are the LOCGame monthly updates to bring you up to speed with all the happenings from August!

  • We’re working on something fresh
  • Dapp List Voting and Listing 🗳️
  • MetaPro Listing 🎉
  • WorldFestival Top 50 Startups and Virtual Booth 🌏
  • Social Mentions

Sshhh…. It’s a Secret 🤫

We can no longer contain our excitement, and it’s high time we spilled the beans — or at least, a few of them! Legends, we are knee-deep in creating something brand new and absolutely thrilling for you. While we can’t give away too much just yet, we can confirm that a fresh, captivating NFT collection is in the works, and this one will be something you haven’t seen before. Keep an eye on this space and keep those emails refreshing; a big announcement is just around the corner, and you, our dear legends, will be the first to hear it.

10-day Quests with Rewards 🏆

August was a month of fun-filled adventures and discovery with our 10-day quests that had you hooked, didn’t it? We set up daily challenges for our legends, encouraging players to log in and tackle exciting quests for a chance to grab some increased LC rewards. The participation was nothing short of spectacular. Heartiest congratulations to all the triumphant legends who bagged the prizes, and a massive thank you to everyone who joined in.

Some numbers worth mentioning;

  • In August we had +1000 players in total
  • 500 new registered wallets in-game
  • Arena Mode: +2,500 matches
  • Story Mode: +1000 matches
  • +40,000 LC earned within August
  • +50,000 LC distributed to Quest participants

Don’t rest on your laurels just yet; we have more quests and fabulous rewards lined up for you!

DappList Voting and Listing 🗳️

The support we received last month was through the roof! Thanks to your support and votes, not only we got listed on the DappList but also clinched the coveted spot of ‘Project of the Week’. As one of the prime web3 discovery platforms, this recognition significantly widens our horizon, potentially bringing more eyeballs to the world we are building at LOCGame. We cannot thank you enough for this!

Metapro Listing 🎉

Another feather in our cap came with our listing on MetaPro, a Web3 hub for NFT lovers and web3 players. This listing paves the way for wider accessibility of LOCGame assets, opening doors for new players and collectors alike. Feel free to check out what we have to offer on our new MetaPro Page.

WorldFestival Top 50 Startups and Virtual Booth 🌏

August brought with it an enormous honour for our parent company, RBL Labs, which made an entry into the Top 50 Startups at the WorldFestival 2023 Startup Awards. Though we couldn’t mark our presence in Austin, Texas physically, we took on the virtual stage to exhibit products to a global audience. It was an exhilarating experience, and we can’t wait to meet you all in person next year. A big shoutout to everyone who pitched in with their votes; we couldn’t have done it without you!

Social Mentions 📢

Our community has been buzzing on social media platforms, sharing the LOCGame journey and love. Here are some of the notable mentions that caught our eye:

The Dapp List Tweet — https://twitter.com/thedapplist/status/1693652118853304420?s=20

Sani SPGSU — https://twitter.com/sanispgsu/status/1694389576977006860?s=20

P2E Space — https://twitter.com/P2E_Space/status/1693630142294233212?s=20

MetaPro — https://twitter.com/metaproapp/status/1694967997822128391?s=20

As we step into September, we are fueled with renewed energy and passion to bring you more engaging content and experiences. Thank you for being a vital part of our journey.

Stay tuned, stay legendary!

The LOCGame Team




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