How to Signup & Purchase on the Marketplace during the Kickback Program

4 min readMar 28, 2023


Hello Legend!

The first step to joining the LOCGame ecosystem is by owning 15 unique collectible NFT cards. You can buy these cards as packs from our marketplace. The process is very simple, and we have created this guide to help you with each step of the way.

Come along, and let’s show you how to purchase and open your packs.

  1. Navigate to your Referral Link if you were referred by a friend. Otherwise, simply visit

2. Enter your email & click “Next”.

3. Enter a password and accept the Privacy Policy and our Terms & Conditions. Then click the “Sign Up” button.

4. Congrats! Your account is set up, and you can go shopping! Now click “SHOP” to go check out the NFT packs.

5. On the packs' page, choose your favourite pack.

6. Once you find your pack, click on “BUY FROM OUR MARKETPLACE”.

7. Click the dropdown to choose a currency or buy with a credit card via PayPal. You must be logged in with a wallet connected, but we will direct you if needed.

Current Cryptocurrencies include ETH, USDT and LOCG. If a valid discount code is applied the discount will be shown to the right of the total. When the kickback program is in effect the estimated $LOCG kickback amount will be displayed (this is subject to fluctuation based on the exchange rate).


This should open your connected wallet, MetaMask / Brave wallet. You may be prompted to switch to the Ethereum network if not already set.

Occasionally, wallet browser extension will not open in the foreground. If you don’t see your wallet popup try clicking the extension icon in the menu bar.

9. Wallets can behave differently. Some can cause an error if you have insufficient funds which we catch and display on the screen below. Some will display this message in the wallet extension itself. If you ignore this error the transaction will fail and you will still have to pay some gas. If the message is in the extension, simply click the reject button and you will return to the page to select a different currency.

10. Choose a currency with a sufficient amount in your wallet and click “BUY WITH CRYPTO”.
Be aware all transactions require gas fees which are paid in ETH, so even a USDT or LOCG payment will require some ETH to complete. ETH can be purchased right in many wallets including metaMask and Brave Wallet.

11. After confirming the transaction you will be directed to a confirmation screen. Click “See My Items”.

12. See My Items brings you to the user profile page on the packs’ tab. Here you will see packs in the process of verifying payment and minting the cards, and new packs ready to open. Clicking your avatar and selecting “User Profile” will bring you here as well. Now click “OPEN” in one of your new packs to open it and reveal the cards inside.

13. Click “Open”.

14. You can flip cards one by one if you click the card, or choose “Flip All Cards” to see your new collectibles.

Now you can click “Close” to return to the packs page. Once you have 15 unique NFT cards you’re ready to master the game and become a Legend of Crypto!

Don’t forget to invite a friend to buy a pack using your referral link! When they use your link to complete a purchase, you will receive a 25% Kickback in $LOCG for the referral, and they will receive their 25% in $LOCG for a successful purchase. Plus, you both automatically qualify for the $1000 Grand Raffle.

Check out how to get your referral link here.




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