Introducing The First-Ever $LOCG Kickback Program

3 min readMar 17, 2023

Dear Legends

Since the beginning of LOCGame, our vision has always been to delight our community, not only through our games and products but also through meaningful rewards.

It has always been on our roadmap, and now we’re glad to announce that the first-ever $LOCG Kickback Program is set to be launched very soon!

What is the $LOCG Kickback program?

The Kickback Program is an initiative for sharing our proceeds with our new and existing NFT cardholders. It is one of the ways we want to ensure that LOCGame collectors and players earn from being a part of our community.

The Kickback Program is designed to serve both existing cardholders and new NFT collectors. Here are the benefits we offer for both:

If you are a cardholder:

  • You can enter the Kickback Program and refer as many friends as possible. Once a friend buys an NFT pack, both you and your friend will get a 25% Kickback in $LOCG from the NFT purchase.
  • You will both qualify for the $1000 worth of $LOCG Raffle drawn at the end of the Kickback Program.

If you are a new collector:

  • With any NFT pack purchase you get a 25% Kickback in $LOCG.
  • After your purchase, you can enter the Kickback Program and refer as many friends as you want to get an extra 25% kickback from every friend who buys an NFT pack.
  • You automatically participate in the $1000 worth of $LOCG Raffle.

With the Kickback Program, when you or your friends buy an NFT pack from our website, you will get 25% of the purchase price back in $LOCG tokens — that’s free money in crypto just for buying your favourite LOCGame NFT packs. The more your friends buy, the more you increase your kickbacks!

But that’s not all — as mentioned above, we’re also running a Raffle where you can win $1000 worth of $LOCG simply by entering the Kickback Program. The more friends you refer, the more chances you have to win!

All valid participants in the Kickback Program are automatically entered into the raffle.

If you want something special, we’re offering the exclusive LegendsOfCrypto Table Game for FREE to those who purchase a Super Elite or Legendary pack. This limited-edition table game will be sent straight to your address so there’s no need to miss out on these unique rewards!

How to participate in the Kickback Program

Are you eager to get started?

Stay glued to our community channels and social media pages as there will be more information on the Kickback Program’s starting date next week!

Be prepared; it is sooner than you think.

Until then, keep playing LOCGame!




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