LOCG 2021 Year-in-Review: Wrapping Up An Amazing 2021

Happy holidays to our amazing Legends! Wow, what a year 2021 has been — this was the year that propelled LOCGame to new heights.

The holidays are also upon us, and we hope you all had a very merry Christmas and are excited to celebrate the upcoming new year!

With that, let’s go ahead and recap some of the major highlights of our project in 2021.

Whitepaper & Pitch Deck

In March, we developed the LOCGame Whitepaper, which gave our target audiences a flavor of what we’re all about and our plans to build and deploy our NFT card game. Shortly thereafter, we put together our pitch deck to onboard strategic investors so we could kickstart our lucrative efforts and plans.

This was the perfect way to get things started and show the world what LOCGame was truly all about!

Fundraising: Seed Investors

The month of March ended with a bang, as we officially completed our strategic investment round of $230,000 with some of the most promising firms in the industry!

These VC firms included Signum Capital, LD Capital, NGC, AU21, TerraVirtua, and Block Dream Fund. All funds raised from the sale went to helping expand upon our game features and furthering the development of the platform to give our community members the best possible experience.


April was perhaps the blockbuster month of the year, with our special $LOCG token launching! Our most loyal community members and fans received the opportunity of a lifetime to purchase the token at its very initial stages.

The sale was conducted via an SHO (Strong Holder Offering) through DAOMaker’s platform on April 27, where we issued $125k worth of $LOCG.

Exchange Listings & Staking Programs

Earlier this year, the $LOCG token was listed on a few major exchanges, such as KuCoin and Gate.io! This was big news, as it gave investors more exposure to our token on the secondary market.

Once the token was live, LOCGame partnered with Ferrum Network to initiate several lucrative staking programs on their platform. Users were able to leverage their newly-acquired $LOCG tokens and deposit them into pools on KuCoin in order to earn passive income rewards with some major APYs!

Appearance at Bitcoin Miami

Bitcoin Miami was the hottest and largest crypto event in the world and took place in June in Miami, Florida, the sunshine state. Members of the LOCGame team were onsite to attend the event and hand out physical samples of our playing cards to users.

This is also when we started marketing and promoting our Top Trump card game, our initial gameplay style. People were able to see the actual cards for themselves and literally get a feel for what our project was all about.

LOCGame Art Foundation: Terra Virtua

October was a big month, as we kicked off the first of many special artwork partnerships. We launched our Art Foundation, partnering with American artist Kraten and Terra Virtua to make our creations come to life more.

This collaboration included a 100,000 USDT $LOCG fund that we set up to provide young and talented artists and projects with capital to contribute more to the art industry.

Shifting Our Gameplay Approach

Later this year, our team made a strategic decision to change the gameplay style from a Top Trump card game to a battle grid style. We felt this was important to give our users a flavor of something different that set us apart from our competition.

Now you can enjoy fun and engaging battles on 3x3 grids with your favorite crypto character and influencer NFT cards! It’s much more dynamic and fun!

NFT Marketplace Launch & Genesis Edition Sale

The NFT Marketplace just launched earlier this month, letting our community members trade and exchange their cool LOCG card sets and packs! The marketplace came with two important features:

  • Detached Payment Solution: Unlike other platforms, we’ve specifically built ours in-house so it’s native to the LOCGame project
  • Purchase by Packs: When you buy our cards, they need to be purchased in packs of 5 — when you actually open these NFT card packs, we’re built in an algorithm that randomizes the cards you get, adding an extra protective layer of security

In addition, the Genesis Edition Sale was everyone’s opportunity to get their hands on some of our exclusive NFT cards! There were 60 different and unique characters across 9,000 total cards made available for purchase, so we hope everyone was able to buy your favorite characters, as it sold out quickly! Those who got in early will be at an advantage from a rewards perspective.

Massive Team Growth

Our team started small during project inception earlier this year, but has grown to a total of 12 people — what a journey it’s been! As game development progress has ramped up tremendously, we’ve continued to add people to our amazing team throughout 2021.

We’d like to again thank our amazing executive members, developers, marketers, community managers, JJJ team, and more for all your contributions — our project couldn’t do it without you. We’re also proud to have brought aboard Janet, our amazing and brilliant female CTO!

2022: A Year To Look Forward To

We’ve worked extremely hard to build the core foundation and infrastructure for our NFT game in 2021. Now that we have all of this in place, we’ve set the stage for 2022 to be an absolute blockbuster year!

From the entire LOCGame team, we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday and have a very happy new year!




New NFT Game & Collectible https://locgame.io/

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New NFT Game & Collectible https://locgame.io/

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