LOCG Character Spotlight: Airdrop Collector

2 min readOct 5, 2022

Hello, Legends!

Welcome to October. It is another Wednesday, and you know what that means — our LOCGame character spotlight series. We’re back again, but this time, we will be exploring the stories of the new and exclusive characters that can only be found in the Starter Pack and Story Mode packs of the Awakening Season.

In case you missed it, the new Awakening Season is ongoing. We’re particularly excited for this season because we have many new cool characters to play with. This week, our community voted to beam the spotlight on one of our brand new characters -the Airdrop Collector.

Let’s do this!

Character Analysis

The Airdrop collector is a LOCGame character inspired by people who have amassed a fortune in cryptocurrencies and NFTs by collecting free airdrops from various projects. He is a 23-year-old degen who dedicates his days to scouring Twitter, Reddit and Discord for new and promising projects.

He understands that with airdrops, timing is crucial and has mastered the strategy of seeking the right projects at the right time. Many crypto and NFT projects give out free tokens as part of their marketing strategy to have users interact with their products and create awareness. The Airdrop Collector leverages this to collect and amass various tokens and coins which he then flips for profit or exchanges. For the really promising projects, he HODLs them.

Card Strength

You too can channel your inner Airdrop Collector by keeping up with new projects that are airdropping their tokens to their community. The Airdrop Collector is one of the new cards in the Story Mode pack of the Awakening season. It is a Bull battle style card and can perform a left side (10), top (10) and right side (10) attack. It has a total score of 40 with the overall health of 10. You can buy the Story Mode pack only after completing the Story mode in the game.

For now, access to the Awakening season is by invitation only, but soon enough, all our players will be able to play the game this season, explore the new features and purchase the exclusive story mode pack!

Stay glued to our announcement channel for more information on that.

Which of these new characters do you like the most?

Let us know.




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