LOCG Character Spotlight: Eth Validator

2 min readApr 20, 2022

Security, transparency and traceability are some of the reasons why we have all come to trust and adopt blockchain technology. So much that we currently have financial systems, both centralized and decentralized, being built upon and running on this technology.

Blockchains — which are essentially distributed databases depend on their nodes to validate transactions by reaching agreements through a consensus mechanism.

Eth Validators are the nodes or the people who have assumed the responsibility of validating transactions on the Ethereum blockchain and voting for more blocks to be added to the network.

Today’s spotlight series is about our card character- The Eth validator, who is dedicated to keeping the network safe and secure by validating transactions made on the Ethereum blockchain.

Character analysis

The Eth validator has an appetite for big risks and huge rewards. This is why he is unafraid of staking his coins for the chance to be selected for the job. He is willing to splurge on the best equipment and setup needed to deliver and does not mind collaborating with other interested validators to share the rewards.

His ultimate goal is to ensure the security of the network by detecting and reporting fraudulent transactions, approving legitimate transactions, proposing new blocks and taking part in the activities of the sync committees.

He is rewarded for proposing or attesting to the blocks that are included in the network or for every activity that helps the network to reach a consensus. He risks being penalised for any activity that hinders consensus or any malicious behaviour.

If the attributes of the Eth validator resonate with you, you should check out and collect his card on our website.

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