LOCGame Character Spotlight: Bear Market Runner

2 min readJun 22, 2022


Hello, Legends!

The results from the polls are in, and predictably, the majority of you voted for the Bear Market Runner. That is fitting. It also points to the overall resilience of the crypto community. Our ability to make light-hearted memes and remain positive during a tumbling market is commendable.

The bear market is an unsettling time in the crypto community. It is a time of great uncertainty, usually accompanied by price drops, project halts and job cuts. A bear market is a perfectly normal occurrence, however, some investors panic due to the fear of an impending loss. But, others embrace this market downturn as a perfect opportunity to acquire and accumulate more assets at a cheaper price.

The Bear Market Runner is one of those investors who see the bear market as an opportunity to accumulate and compound his wealth.

Character Analysis

The Bear Market Runner is a treasure hunter during the bad days. While everyone flees for safety during a crash, he believes that a ravaging bear market is more than just a reset, but also the best opportunity to attain financial freedom.

He understands that the biggest wealth transfers occur during a bear market when people are awash with emotions, and led by fear to sell their positions. Then, he swoops in, to stock up on assets in anticipation of a great bull run.

The BMR is characteristically patient and will play the long game. While everyone else hibernates during the long cold crypto winter, he sharpens his strategies and makes the big moves. For this character, crypto is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to generate massive wealth in a short period of time.

His general outlook on the current financial system is that fiat is failing, and sooner or later, the world will turn to crypto. He is wildly optimistic, often arguing that these are the early days. And that there are massive unrealized values and opportunities yet to come. This belief inspires him to be well-positioned for the greater days ahead.

If you have the ability to remain calm in a bear market, while creating strategies to make the most out of it, you are certainly a Bear Market Runner and should check out and purchase his card in our marketplace.

Let us know which other LOCGame character inspires you.




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