LOCGame Character Spotlight: Bitboy

2 min readAug 31, 2022

YouTube has become the home for everyone searching for crypto-related information. This is because of the content creators who have and continue to dedicate their time and resources to educating and informing people about the happenings in the crypto space.

In today’s spotlight series, we will meet the man who has become one of the world’s biggest crypto YouTube content creators and the inspiration for our Bitboy LOCGame card.

Character Analysis

Popularly known in the crypto community as Bitboy, Ben Armstrong is an alt finance enthusiast and investor. He is also a crypto YouTube content creator with 1.44 million subscribers. Ben is one of the early adopters of Bitcoin. He started out as an investor in the apex coin, and by 2018, he was creating daily content on his YouTube channel. As the channel grew, so did his authority as an influential voice in the community.

He found fame as a YouTuber by creating what people consider to be sensationalist content ranging from news, market analysis, and interviews with other controversial players in crypto. Bitboy has hosted several big names on his platform including the late John MacAffe, Justin Sun, Charles Hoskinson and Naomi Brockwell.

Bitboy also runs the bitboycrypto.com website where he shares updates, insights and trends. He also provides some trading fundamentals making him a reliable source for many newcomers. From his activities, he has amassed a healthy social media following which has become a part of his Bitboy crypto brand.

Through his platform, Bitboy can be credited as being one of the most influential people whose content has helped with advancing the gospel of crypto. Despite the troubles and controversies he might have had along the way, Bitboy still remains one of the world’s biggest crypto content creators with an estimated network of about $28 million.

Whether you love him or loathe him, the Bitboy card is one you need on your deck. His card is capable of executing a right and bottom attack with an overall health of 20. Check out the Bitboy card and other cards in our card library, and if you want to own one, head over to our marketplace to add him to your collection.




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