LOCGame Character Spotlight: Crypto Shill

2 min readJul 27, 2022

Hello, Legends!

Welcome to another LOCGame character spotlight series. This is the place where we bring all our favourite game characters to life, by sharing the inspiration behind them, be it real-life crypto heroes, villains and yes, the memes!

This week, you voted for the Crypto Shill, and we’re excited to talk about this character whose actions raise many eyebrows in the industry. To some people, he is their plug to discovering new interesting coins and tokens for short-term investments, to others, he is the villain that could expose them to a rug pull.

Is the Crypto Shill a good guy or the bad guy?

Well, that’s for you to decide.

Character Analysis

This Crypto Shill is the master of the pump-and-dump strategy. He is a skilful marketer who has built a niche for himself in the crypto community. He commands a small audience of social media followers and is often paid to promote and generate buzz for new crypto projects. He is always shilling the coins and tokens that he has bought.

His ultimate goal is to make huge financial gains from his investments, and so he employs a number of clever ways to promote the coins and tokens for other potential investors to flood in.

He is relentless in creating FOMO. Online, he leverages his presence on all social media platforms to talk about the potential of a new coin that he has just discovered. Offline, you will often find him in small gatherings and networking events speaking with vigour about the new best cryptocurrency that has emerged, and his advice to get in quickly before the price moons. Because he is more interested in making quick gains, the Crypto Shill always emphasizes the price point, and not necessarily the utility of the coins and tokens that he is promoting.

When new investors buy the coins and tokens, and their prices climb, he quickly sells his holdings to make big profits before moving on to the next coin.

Let us know your thoughts on this controversial character. You can check out his card in our card library and purchase it directly from the #LOCGame marketplace. Be sure to test his card in the ongoing Season 0!




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