LOCGame Character Spotlight: Cryptowinter God

2 min readNov 16, 2022

Let’s huddle, Legends!

2022 has been one long crypto winter with no end in sight. A mix of many macroeconomic factors, the Terra ecosystem collapse, and recently, the crash of FTX — the world’s second-biggest centralized exchange has continued to cast a shadow that many believe will not be going away anytime soon.

Today, our LOCGame spotlight shines on a character who has lived through 5 crypto winters and has been dubbed the Cryptowinter God. Grab your winter jackets, let’s meet this Legend.

Character Analysis

As an early-stage retail investor in cryptocurrencies, the Cryptowinter God’s first taste of the cold winds was in 2018. The price of Bitcoin had just hit a new all-time high of $20,000 from $900, and a new wave of millionaires had been born. Amongst them was a former Data Analyst who had had the foresight of buying and holding some Bitcoins since its early days. As the price of BTC began to hit the roof, he became rich overnight.

By February 2018, the market tumbled, and the price of BTS fell by over 65% and as expected, other coins followed suit, effectively erasing the net worth of several investors. As the year progressed, the crypto market fell by an estimated 80% from the high of the previous year. This forced many investors to sell their stakes at a loss, further extending the crunch and ending the crypto dreams of many, but Cryptowinter God held his position.

Since then, this Legend has learned some hard lessons and can predict when a dip is more than just a dip. He knows when a bloody red char is coming and will quickly adjust his portfolio to cushion the effects.

The Cryptowinter God is one of the Awakening Season cards contained in the Starter pack. He has a total score of 40 and overall health of 20. He attacks with a moons battle style and can carry out a bottom attack (10) and a right-side attack (10).

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