LOCGame Character Spotlight: DeFi Queen

2 min readJun 8, 2022

This week, we decided to include you guys in our process by asking you to vote on the LOCGame character you wished to have under the spotlight.

You have had your say, and we heard you.

Today, the spotlight beams on the DeFi Queen!

Follow us, and let’s meet this Crypto Baddie.

Decentralized Finance a.k.a DeFi, is the sweet spot where blockchain technology intersects with finance. It is a movement made popular by its promise of democratizing finance by replacing legacy centralized and government-backed financial institutions — this explains why DeFi is heralded by the crypto community.

Since being coined in 2018, the DeFi space has blossomed into a staggering $120B industry, with no signs of stopping. This growth has been pioneered and sustained by investors and adopters who believe in DeFi and the future of modern finance.

One of such investors is the DeFi Queen.

Character Analysis

The DeFi Queen is Crypto Royalty. Having been an active player in the space since its inception, she has earned her place as a power player and a top voice in the industry.

She is a staple of many industry events, often making appearances and speaking at high-profile DeFi events.

For her, crypto represents power. The power that belongs to the people should remain with the people. Her mission is to contribute to a decentralized society where everyone is their own bank and is free from censorship.

As a DeFi evangelist, she is always seeking opportunities to invest in DeFi funds that create more opportunities for the exposure and adoption of decentralized finance.

You too can channel your spirit DeFi baddie by playing her card in the LOCGame. Be sure to arm yourself with a DeFi Queen card in your war chest as you battle in Season 0.

Until next week, keep playing, Legend!




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