LOCGame Character Spotlight: Diamond Hands

2 min readMay 25, 2022

Unless you’ve been living under the rocks, you would know that Season 0 of the LOCGame is now live!

Season 0 is the playable version of the game, and it includes interesting new features such as the PvP and Story Mode.

This new season will also bring all the latest game characters from the recently launched Apollo Collection to life.

In today’s LOCGame spotlight series, we will be getting up close and personal with the resilient Diamond Hands.

If you have been around the crypto space long enough, especially on Reddit and Twitter, you are most likely to come across the diamond and hands emojis. It is a meme commonly used to represent investors who stubbornly hold on to their coins even when the market tanks.

It is these resilient crypto enthusiasts who have inspired the LOCGame Diamond Hands character. Let’s get to meeting them.

Character Analysis

Diamond Hands is an ambitious investor always on the lookout for promising crypto projects and coins.

During the day, he works as a full-time funds analyst, and at night, he counts his crypto coins. To his friends, he is a die-hard crypto evangelist, always touting cryptocurrencies as a great investment vehicle to consider.

Diamond Hands is most famous for his doggedness as a crypto investor. He also has a sky-high tolerance for volatile coins and enjoys a good gamble with them.

He generally believes that a good investment might require some rough times before it pays off.

True to his nature, he can withstand the pressure of the market. And will always decide to hold on to his assets through downtime, hoping that they will become valuable (like diamonds) someday.

Unlike a paper-handed investor who sells their asset at the first sign of turmoil, Diamond Hands hodls steady, and during big price fluctuations, he does not cave in by selling off his asset in a panic.

He makes his wealth by staking and trading his valuable coins and tokens.

If you can take on huge risks like Diamond Hands, and your instinct is to remain calm and hold on to your assets in a turbulent market, you should check out and purchase an Apollo Pack to play his card in Season 0. You can also find him on the “Cards” section in the Marketplace where you buy and trade your LOCGame cards from other card owners.




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