LOCGame Character Spotlight: Ether

2 min readMar 7, 2023

Hey Legends!

It’s always a delight to learn about our LOCGame characters, the inspiration behind them, and their impact on the crypto community. Today, we are excited to get up close and personal with a community favourite — The Ether.

Character Analysis

Ether was a brilliant but overlooked programmer who spent countless hours tinkering with Ethereum’s code. He became obsessed with the idea of harnessing the full potential of this powerful blockchain technology, believing that it held the key to ultimate power and control.

As he delved deeper into his research, he began to discover new ways to manipulate Ethereum’s code, unlocking previously unimaginable abilities within himself. His newfound powers quickly gained him notoriety within the LOCGame community, and he became one of its most formidable heroes.

Soon, The Ether’s obsession with power grew out of control. He became increasingly ruthless in pursuing dominance and began manipulating others to do his bidding. Many within the Metaverse started to fear him, viewing him as a dangerous figure whose thirst for power could lead to disaster.

Despite this reputation, The Ether remained convinced that his abilities were necessary for achieving true greatness within the game. He continued to push himself further and further, always seeking new ways to unlock even more power from Ethereum’s code.

Over time, The Ether’s quest for limitless power has become a legend within the LOCGame Metaverse. Some view him as a hero whose skills are unmatched by any other player in the game; others see him as a cautionary tale about what can happen when one becomes too consumed by their desire for ultimate power.

Regardless of how he is viewed by others, The Ether remains singularly focused on unlocking every last bit of potential within Ethereum’s code — no matter where that journey may take him.


The Ether is a Legendary rarity card from the Apollo edition. With a total score of 50, it can execute a top, left, bottom, and right-side attack. He is the inspiration behind the Sacrifice Pack. Being a Legendary card, it is one of the rarest cards in LOCGame.

To own an Ether card, you can buy a card directly from the card section in the marketplace or buy a Sacrifice pack to get one at random.

Check out the Ether card here, and play the game here.




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