LOCGame Character Spotlight: Infamous Hacker

2 min readAug 24, 2022


Hello Legends

Security breaches and hacks are not uncommon in the crypto community. Since 2011, hackers have devised several ways to compromise and attack crypto holders. There’s no slowing down. This year, it is reported that nearly $2 billion has been lost so far to exploits caused by hackers.

As we have already established, it is not all sunshine and butterflies in the crypto community, it can get dark as well. While the legends put in the hard work of making crypto safe, others are simply up to no good.

The infamous activities of these players continue to cast a grey shadow on the community. But that was to be expected where there are some positives, there will also be some negatives. These attackers are the reason why security and decentralization remain at the core of all Crypto projects.

Today, our LOCGame character in focus is inspired by the nefarious players constantly on the lookout for wallets to exploit. Let’s meet the Infamous Hacker.

Character Analysis

The Infamous Hacker is one of the most notorious cybercriminals in the history of Crypto. He has had several run-ins with the government and was once arrested while partying in Ibiza.

He is a career criminal who started out by hacking into small computers and systems. At 16, he had learned how to build viruses that crippled computer networks. At 20, he was first arrested for creating an email spamming bot that infected several computers and stole data from the victims.

As cryptocurrencies grew in popularity with many exchanges created, he began to target them. By the summer of 2012, he carried out his most audacious attack yet, by stealing the private keys required to authenticate transactions. He transferred almost 1500 Bitcoins and 2000 Ethereum coins to his wallet.

Since the heist, he has been declared wanted and, has remained in the shadows, where he keeps searching for vulnerabilities to exploit.

Check out the Infamous hacker LOCGame card in our card library. It is a strategic card capable of executing a top, left and bottom attack. You can also buy his card directly from our marketplace to play the ongoing season 0 with your frens.




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