LOCGame Character Spotlight: Launchpader

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2 min readJul 6, 2022


Hey Legends

Welcome to another Weekly Spotlight Series.

Since we began writing the series, we have enjoyed taking you through the inspirations for our LOCGame characters, and we love it more that you also enjoy learning about them and that you find them relatable.

This week, you voted to have the spotlight beamed on the Launchpader, and we have delivered. So, let’s meet the Launchpader.

Character Spotlight

The launchpader is one of the most determined investors in the crypto ecosystem. Above everyone else, he is determined to make the most returns on his investment with minimal losses. This is why he remains strategic about his investment choices.

As with most crypto enthusiasts, his journey into the crypto space began with a fascination with the technology and a dogged belief in its potential to generate wealth.

As an investor, his silver bullets are launchpads — the platforms that allow early-stage blockchain projects to raise capital while providing access to early-stage token sales for investors.

He is constantly looking out for the most promising new crypto projects to get in early on. He trusts the Crypto launchpads to filter out the noise, source and assess high-quality projects. This is why he is called the Launchpader.

He has invested in several launchpads, making him eligible for early access to all their projects. This strategy gives him the double advantage of profiting from successful launchpad tokens and the successful projects that moon.

If you are as strategic about your investments as the Launchpader, then you should grab his card on our marketplace. You can also visit our card library to check his stats and to view all other cards.



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