LOCGame Character Spotlight: Market Maker

2 min readAug 3, 2022

Hey Legends!

Cheers to another interesting character spotlight series. Our character of the week is non-other than the Market Maker, a crypto legend who thrives on finding the paradise between bids and asks. This LOCGame character is inspired by the individuals and firms committed to ensuring market price stability by providing liquidity.

You voted to learn about him, so let’s do just that.

Character Analysis

The Market Maker is no ordinary crypto trader. Before foraying into the crypto space, this money man used to be a Broker at a top brokerage firm where he traded securities for his clients. He also worked with traditional market makers, where he helped create markets for buyers and sellers to trade stocks and other securities and got rich from the ensuing profit on those trades.

In 2010, he caught the crypto bug from his friends that were already early investors. The Market Maker took some time to learn about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the revolution of decentralized finance and then resolved to shift his focus from traditional finance to DeFi.

Today, he works as a crypto market maker by providing liquidity on crypto assets for crypto traders and token projects on exchanges. The Market Maker acts as a trade anchor and handles a large inventory of crypto assets which he sells to other broker-dealers. This ensures that investors can access them on exchanges for the market to remain liquid. He also actively contributes to the liquidity mining pools on decentralized exchanges.

The Market Maker is a huge DeFi advocate, and if this character inspires you, go check out his card in our card library. When playing his card in LOCGame, his card is capable of executing left and bottom attacks. The card is available on our marketplace.




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