LOCGame Character Spotlight: New Kids on the Blockchain

2 min readJul 13, 2022


Hello, Legends!

This week, you voted to have the YouTube Content Creators and Storytellers — New Kids on the Blockchain, on our weekly spotlight series.

So, we are excited to beam our lights on this legendary duo who have been in the crypto space since the early days and made the life-changing decision to document and share insightful stories that have shaped the crypto movement.

Let’s learn more about them.

Character Analysis

The New Kids on the Blockchain LOCGame card is inspired by Ash and Lisa, a real-life couple and founders of the popular YouTube channel New Kids on the Blockchain.

Before venturing into the crypto space, Lisa and Ash were award-winning filmmakers working in documentary filmmaking and film and broadcast television, respectively.

Their crypto journey is one they describe as a happy accident. In the early days of 2014, Ash tried to buy some bitcoin but couldn’t quite get his head around it. By 2016, he started buying a bit. Later on, at the Dash conference in London and with the ongoing ICO bubble, they had the lightbulb moment to start documenting the ongoing phenomenon on YouTube.

They quickly transitioned their love for storytelling and filmmaking into the newly growing crypto space — chronicling their experience and those of other industry players. As industry insiders in the thick of the crypto ICO craze, they had the advantage of telling their stories from a different perspective than the media observers.

Now, with over 17k subscribers, their channel has evolved into award-winning content creation and curation platform with a small and loyal audience. They have continued to create films and documentaries on other subjects and are also still on crypto.

As influencers, they do not just shill projects but are dedicated to providing insightful information that can allow people to make informed decisions about their portfolios.

If you love the New Kids on the Blockchain are follow their content, you should check out their LOCGame card and other cards available in our card library.

You can also purchase the card from our marketplace to play in the ongoing season 0.




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