LOCGame Character Spotlight: NFT Hunter

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2 min readOct 19, 2022


Hey, Legends!

The year 2021 was a triumphant year for NFTs. They came from obscurity and blossomed into the most talked-about phenomenon in the crypto community. NFTs have defied the odds and solidified their presence in the web3 movement. Through NFTs early adopters and independent artists have found success and made some life-changing money.

These creators are the inspiration for the new LOCGame character — NFT Hunter.

Join us to learn more about this creative.

Character Analysis

The NFT Hunter is a visual artist widely known in the community as one of the original waves of NFT creators. As a creator, his strategy is built on volumes and community.

In 2021, he launched his genesis collection — made up of several editions of his most famous artwork. Within a few months, he had amassed a strong community of collectors.

He spends his time nurturing his community of collectors who buy into his vision and support the project by creating massive hype around drops.

The NFT Hunter thrives on the hype-o-nomics of his community. His well-curated and controlled drop calendar ensures that he is constantly thrilling them with new pieces. Having gained a huge following along with an increase in demand, the prices of his pieces have increased. He has his eyes set on becoming one of the greatest living artists.

The NFT Hunter is one of the new LOCGame characters in the Starter pack. You can purchase the pack from our in-game store. He has a total score of 40 and a health of 20. He can execute a left-side attack (10) and a top attack (10).

Get yourself the NFT Hunter card and play in the ongoing Awakening season.



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