LOCGame Character Spotlight Series — The Regulator

2 min readMar 15, 2023

Love them or hate them, Crypto regulators will always have their place in the crypto community. They are feared for sometimes making rules and policies that could possibly stifle innovations, but there’s no denying the fact that regulators are necessary to protect investors and consumers in a very volatile space like crypto.

We acknowledge the role of regulators, and they are the inspiration for our LOCGame character, aptly named — The Regulator.

Let’s meet her.

Character Analysis

The Regulator is a legendary figure in the world of LOCGame. She is known for her strict enforcement of rules. This formidable character works tirelessly to ensure that all crypto customers are protected, crypto projects are vetted for compliance, and crypto-related conflicts are dealt with fairly and justly.

As a symbol of authority, the Regulator never wavers when it comes to upholding the laws and regulations they have agreed to abide by. Their adherence to due process means that all disputes will be handled swiftly and without prejudice, no matter how small or large the issue may be.

Game Play

The Regulator is an OG LOCGame character. She was introduced into the game in the Genesis pack of the Genesis Edition. She has a total card score of 40 and an overall card health of 10. She can execute a left- and bottom-side attack.

The Regulator is a standard rarity card. The Genesis packs were completely sold out, but you can still be the lucky owner of this special card by getting a Mega Pack or buying the card directly from our marketplace.




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