LOCGame Character Spotlight Series: The Scalper

2 min readOct 12, 2022

Hello, Legends!

Scalping or Scalp-trading is a form of day trading where traders try to make profits from relatively small price movements. The traders do not target large profits, rather they hope to make multiple gains from small price changes repeatedly. It requires a lot of discipline, knowledge of the market and quick thinking.

If this is your preferred method of trading, you too are a Scalper — The LOCGame character who is making a killing from the small price movements, despite the ongoing turbulence in the crypto markets.

Intrigued much? Keep reading to learn more about this legend.

Character Analysis

The Scalper is an adrenaline junkie who spends all day in front of screens tracking 1-minute charts. He is 30-year-old, experienced in stock trading, forex trading and crypto trading.

He makes money by placing multiple trades over a short period of time in anticipation of a small price move and market inefficiencies. By stacking and compounding small gains, his profit adds up to a significant amount. He is adept at technical analysis and relies on them to generate trading ideas. He also thrives on short-term volatility. For example, when good news or a major event triggers high volume and liquidity — he steps in and makes profits from the volatile market.

The Scalper always finds and exploits new opportunities in the market before they become public and unprofitable.

Card Strength

Visit our card library to check out the Scalper. It is one of the cards in the Story mode Pack available for the Awakening Season and you can buy it from the in-game store. The Scalper card had a total score of 50 and an overall health score of 10. It can perform a left-side attack (30) and a right-side attack (10).

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