LOCGame Character Spotlight: The NFT Collector

2 min readJul 20, 2022

Hi Legends,

Today’s spotlight is one of our favourites: The NFT Collector!

Why is the NFT Collector one of our faves, you ask? The answer is simple — he is a pillar of so many burgeoning revolutions within the space, including the Gamefi movement. Some of you can already see where we’re going with this.

However, it’s important to understand that he didn’t just appear out of nowhere, even though he is now revered across the blockchain spectrum. Let’s learn more about him, shall we?

Character Analysis

Max, the NFT collector, was an early believer in cryptocurrencies as a form of payment and in the usefulness of blockchain technology. He first saw the possibilities blockchains could provide when he encountered the Ethereum blockchain in early 2016. He realised how capable the blockchain was of decentralising app usage, money, ownership and more. When it came to ownership in particular, he was blown away when he encountered NFTs!

The first time Max heard about “Non-fungible tokens” was when a friend introduced him to the Crypto Kitties game in 2017. The game was one of the earliest accomplished GameFi titles which opened his eyes to the possibilities that lie when you could own the assets used in playing, and potentially build wealth through it. From here, he entered into a rabbit hole that led to him being an early adopter of Crypto Punks, Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Domains, Crypto Cats and many more. Max quickly gained a reputation for the large purchases he made, his evangelism for different projects, and the close ties he formed with successful NFT project founders. This earned him the reputation of an OG “NFT Collector”.

Today, he remains an evangelist of changing the way ownership works in every sector, from real estate, luxury, events, and art, which has proven to be the most widespread adoption of NFT technology to date. He has also inspired thousands more to support projects and business models that disrupt entire industries. One such industry is the Gamfi industry that’s forever changed by the introduction of NFTs, thereby bringing more power than ever to players.

Of course, LOCGame is one of the Gamefi titles powered by cutting edge NFTs. The NFT Collector is readily available in our card library and his unique card can be purchased on our marketplace.




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