LOCGame Company Update, December 17

Hello Legends! It’s already been two weeks since we last met. This was an absolutely fantastic week for LOCGame and RBL Labs! We are going to bring you so much news about our game reveal. So let’s celebrate our milestone with our Game Demo that occurred yesterday!!

Our team has been working so hard to deliver the best NFT game to all of you — as you know, we only have 3 months to come up with the game idea and fully implement it, and we’re sure that our game will comfort your expectations!

We appreciate your interest in and dedication to LOCGame, and we will continue to do our best to keep you informed about what’s going on with the company. Now, grab your favorite drink, sit back, and relax as we showcase some of our significant weekly achievements.


  1. Tech Team: Game Dev and JJJ Team
  2. Partnerships and Business Development
  3. Marketing and Community
  4. They talk about LOCG

1. Tech Team Update

Game Dev Team Update

Game Demo

The Game Demo was introduced to our core community and a limited number of participants in the AUA. We want to collect feedback from our players to create a sustainable, community-driven gaming experience while leveraging DeFi and DAO governance. We’re extremely excited to receive tons of positive feedbacks from the community, which pushes us to continue working on our project and provide you the best experience possible.

We are at the very final steps. Our game is now ready to have the first Alpha launch. Have you gotten your cards, and are you ready to play the game?

Another very good news — we’re excited to inform you that most cards are available on OpenSea, you can trade and value your cards with the unique contract addresses.

JJJ Team update:

This week, the team has released the staking rewards and support issues from the launch have been resolved. They’ve been working on an Admin panel to add future products, cards, and work with user profiles. Additionally, our team started looking at implementing credit cards and other crypto currencies for payment.

  • We released the demo version of the game
  • It uses demo coins for now
  • It’s possible for users to login, retrieve NFTs and also see them in game
  • We added sound effects and music
  • We added some practical effects

We created a new design for the admin panel on the “Product Page”:

We redesigned the payment interface on Marketplace. Now you can find the item description and text field header for each dropdown and pay with the credit card button:

2. Partnerships and Business Development

On Wednesday, 12/15, we were happy to announce the partnerships with many world-famous designers from Prada, Burberry, DSQUARED2, Moschino and Etro to launch “The Wolves of Crypto” NFT Collection!

About Our Partner Brands:

These brands are very high-profile and top-of-the-line organizations that we’re excited to partner with and bring on board for inspiration. The creative minds and associated artists have developed the following NFT designs for LOCGame, which are extremely cool and playable assets within the game!

We are releasing exclusive articles to introduce you our partners artists and their amazing artworks! Stay tuned.

3. Marketing and Community

AUA on Discord:

The last two weeks were incredible for us to run many AMAs in the regional communities from China, Turkey, Indonesia, and many more upcoming. We’re glad to have supportive communities in different parts of the world that believe and motivate us on our game development.

An AUA was hosted on LOCGame Discord channel yesterday. Our CEO and the community had a very good time discussing the company update, along with the long-run strategy for the game. All of the people who joined the AUA got an surprise chance to play our Game Demo and give us feedback. Cheers for our very first success with the game!

Staking Reward Distribution and Lottery Winner:

We’re happy to announce that we’ve distributed all staking rewards, which translates to 3250 $LOCG! Plus, we have our lottery winners!

The Alpha Festival Lottery was held between stakers, core community, and team members. 5 of us had the chance to win valuable LOCGame NFT Cards. Check the winner’s wallet addresses and let us know if you are one of them!

1 NFT Crypto Celebrities Pack: 0x325964c1c1a47401fac5be2ddef57a3d414155c0

1 NFT Crypto Founders Pack: 0xa27e23aa69d5dec352b7e3a5559cca2e1c6c2f46

3 NFTs from our partners Dragons of Zobrotera:

  • 0x9abcc11a1556334b1d9af7186454fddbc86e3605
  • 0xa27e23aa69d5dec352b7e3a5559cca2e1c6c2f46
  • 0xdb9936eb27f3717b6266036b9d320796c2b8aeba

4. They talk about LOCG

Cyrpto Stache visited our website and marketplace on his latest video! Check it out now!


Onwards and upwards, legends!

Yours truly,

The LOCGame Team




New NFT Game & Collectible https://locgame.io/

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New NFT Game & Collectible https://locgame.io/

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