LOCGame Spotlight: Lambo Guy

2 min readMay 4, 2022

The Crypto community is awash with many interesting stories and myths. Some stories particularly stand out, like the guy who paid for 2 boxes of Pizza for 10,000 BTC in 2010 or the guy who threw out a hard drive with 7500 BTC.

Also, there’s the myth of Lambo Guy — who has become somewhat the aspirational figurehead for new investors buying in, with the high hopes that their coins will go to the moon, and make them instant millionaires.

Character Analysis

Lambo guy is an OG bitcoiner who began to mine and store bitcoin long before it became a thing.

Unlike the newer crypto investors, he is a firm believer in the power of digital assets, having benefited and gotten rich from hodling his coins, and so, his stance on cryptocurrencies as the tool for financial freedom is unwavering.

He hit it big as the value of Bitcoin exploded over the years, and after coming into so much wealth, his first ever luxury purchase was a Lamborghini.

His fascination with Lamborghinis dates back to his childhood. For a while, he was obsessed with them, and when bitcoin first hit $1000 in 2013, he decided to get a lambo, all paid for in bitcoin

In a chance encounter when he was buying his lambo, his seller introduced him to other avid car collectors who were also crypto enthusiasts. This inspired him to start amassing a collection of lambos everywhere he went. He eventually bought a small stake in Lamborghini from his success. Crypto sure made his best dreams come true.

Today, Lambo Guy has cemented his place as a crypto investor, after developing a keen eye for picking and investing in early promising crypto projects.

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