LOCGAME Spotlight Series: Exchange Listing Manager

Exchanges are the powerhouses that drive crypto trading of all sorts, providing users with access to their favorite tokens with the click of a few buttons. Here at LOCGame, we strongly believe that DEXs (decentralized exchanges) are a key means of revolutionizing crypto trading.

However, CEXs (centralized exchanges) still contain a majority of the volume being traded in the crypto market today. And those who own the exchanges yield tremendous power over the markets and volatility.

Introducing our newest character lore, the Exchange Listing Manager! Get to learn more about him below to see if he’s someone you’ll want to add to your luxurious LOCGame card collection.

Character Analysis: Exchange Listing Manager

The Exchange Listing Manager represents one of the wealthiest individuals in the crypto space, making his fortunes through lucrative trading opportunities, exchange fees, and his massive salary. He dreams about Coinbase-style IPOs, given that he’s looking to make a big splash to put his exchange at the very top of the pyramid.

He collaborates with his fellow peers and high-profile network contacts to continue to promote his exchange, facilitating aggressive marketing and social media campaigns. Ultimately, he wants to get his business’ name out into the broader world, extending his audience to attract the largest customer base possible.

All-day, every day, he’s looking to find ways to improve upon his exchange’s features, adding new incentives and trading pairs for its users to distinguish it from the competition. Although he faces stiff competition from his CEX counterparts, as well as rising DEXs such as Uniswap and dYdX, he remains confident that his lower trading fees and blockbuster features can let his exchange rise to the top!

Interested in collecting the Exchange Listing Manager and using him in the LOCG card game battle? Look no further! Navigate to our website to snatch him up and begin playing.



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