LOCGAME Spotlight Series: No Coiner

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2 min readDec 23, 2021


Welcome to yet another exciting LOCGame NFT character lore reveal! Our team promised to keep these coming, bringing you the information you need to select your favorite crypto characters and influencers to begin playing and battling.

So we delivered!

Today, we’re excited to introduce the No Coiner! He’s a diamond in the rough who’s having a tough time settling into the crypto market. But he’s got a few positive qualities that make him worthwhile to collect.

Want to find out more? Tune in below to get all the juicy details on this amazing card!

Character Analysis: No Coiner

Unlike many crypto investors, the No Coiner isn’t necessarily tied to a particular token or coin — he doesn’t carry any favorites on his back per se. However, one thing is for certain — he’s usually in a frustrated mindset when it comes to his indecisiveness in picking tokens.

As a trader, he hasn’t garnered the success he’s aspired to. Certain negative emotions, such as FOMO, anger, and regret are constantly running through his mind, as he strongly desires to find his true coin of choice but regularly struggles.

On a positive note, he’s able to stay rational in turbulent market conditions and knows how to sell when the time is right, gradually taking profits on the way up and removing his emotional biases.

If you’re looking to collect a card that’s different from the rest of the pack, then picking up the No Coiner is a no-brainer (no pun intended!). Get yours today by starting to build your deck on the LOCGame platform!



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