LOCGAME Spotlight Series: The Pumper

2 min readMar 23, 2022

The world of crypto is filled with plenty of heroes and a fair amount of villains. There are people who exist in the space to drive innovation, interoperability, inclusion, and financial freedom through the blockchain. There’s a second set of people who do not want to contribute much to the space, but instead, want to simply make a profit by any means. Whatever your impressions of each, one group tends to be cast as heroes, while the other tends to be cast as villains.

Today, we get to dissect a character that could divide opinion.

Character Analysis: The Pumper

Zach Bilic, aka “The Pumper” is a 45-year old fund manager who has mastered the art of the pump! In this context, the pump refers to ensuring the rapid increase in the value of assets under management and taking positions to profit from this value increase. After almost two decades on Wall Street, Zach successfully perfected methods of artificially raising the value of his assets in ways that made him significantly wealthy. He’s been able to apply a lot of these methods into the crypto space, which has gotten him even bigger gains in the last few years!

He has also been christened the “King Of FOMO” for his ability to generate FOMO at the snap of a finger. Using waitlists, exclusive groups, celebrity partnerships and plenty of other techniques, “The Pumper” has rewritten the playbook on how to use FOMO in making your NFT Project, Token, and more appreciate in value in the short term; regardless of how it does long term. This has led critics to call him a Pump & Dump Merchant, pointing to numerous failed projects he’s helped promote, only to lose investors’ money. The Pumper rightfully plays down this accusation by pointing to his involvement in 20% of the most successful projects in the web 3.0 ecosystem!

On one hand, The Pumper has helped pump projects that empowered the blockchain spaces. On another hand, he’s responsible for profiting off projects that were either outright scams, or simply unviable from the start. Could he be labelled a hero or villain?

Whatever your thoughts on The Pumper, he’s available to be wielded in whichever way you please. Find out more about him here!




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