LOCGAME Spotlight Series: Vijay The VC Guy

2 min readApr 6, 2022

We’re fortunate to live in a world where Web 3 is now a part of our everyday lives. This couldn’t have been possible without heroes who’ve put in time and resources towards building solutions that power the blockchain universe (& Metaverse).

There’s a certain set of undercelebrated heroes who were once mostly in the shadows. In recent years, they’ve emerged as public figures who advocate and provide support for causes and projects they care deeply about. The group of people we’re referring to are Venture Capitalists (VCs).

Today, we’re gonna focus on a certain VC that captured our hearts. His name is Vijay!

Character Analysis: Vijay The VC Guy

Vijay Kumar was born into a prominent family of engineers in Mumbai, India. He had a keen interest in emerging technologies, which led him to bag several degrees at MIT before he decided to try his hands at entrepreneurship. Vijay was involved in bootstrapping several startups before he caught his big break with a cybersecurity startup at the beginning of the last decade. Vijay made an exit that left him with assets in excess of $44 million. He considered simply retiring at this point, but this was just the true beginning of his successes.

After his first exit, he settled in The Bay Area, after previously bouncing between Hong Kong, Boston, and several other cities His newfound multimillionaire status led to him being constantly flooded with investment opportunities. At some point, he felt he could better direct his investment efforts with a dedicated team around him. This thought process led him to team up with his old college friend, Jay Jimenez, to form VJJ Inc, his first Venture Capital Firm.

With VJJ, Vijay sought to make large profits in emerging technologies that could fundamentally disrupt entire industries. That’s exactly what he stumbled into when he was invited to invest in the ICO Funding Round for a certain project called Ethereum. As you might’ve guessed, this invitation was taken, and he hasn’t looked back ever since! Ethereum went to give Vijay and his partners more than 1000% in returns over a few years, alongside about 2500% returns for the entire fund during the same period. Of course, the majority of these funds were poured into the most promising blockchain projects and big holdings in Bitcoin.

Today, Vijay is well-respected as a leader in the Blockchain Investment Space, with special recognition for his role in bringing a flurry of traditional investors into the cryptocurrency world. If you’d like to move like Vijay and channel his awesome powers, his character on the LOCGame might just be for you!




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