LOCGame Week Review: August 4 — August 11

$LOCG token price surging, LOCG NFT Marketplace, LOCG Art Foundation, and more!


  • $LOCG Token Price is Surging
  • LOCG NFT Marketplace
  • Before and After: The History of NFTs and LOCG
  • LOCG Art Foundation
  • NFT Digest

$LOCG Token Price is Surging!

If you’ve been holding our $LOCG token then you should be celebrating! At the time of writing, the token had a 21.73% surge in price within 24 hours. Earlier today it was trending on CMC in 10th place as a ‘Top Gainer!’

$LOCG is the native token of our game and ecosystem, and it’ll be one of our primary modes of payments in the game and our NFT marketplace.

Additional uses of the token include:

  • Staking: $LOCG tokens can be staked in pools in order for users to receive new NFT airdrops
  • Rewards: The more you play the game, the larger the amount of $LOCG you will receive in return
  • Kickback: When you buy NFT cards and decks on the LOC marketplace, you will receive a kickback in $LOCG
  • Governance: $LOCG holders have the power to suggest changes to the game!

LOCG NFT Marketplace

This week, we made one of our biggest announcements to date! Well, a community member beat us to it, but hey, this is BIG news!

At LegendsofCrypto we’ll be launching our own NFT marketplace where our community members and individuals can indulge in in-game NFT assets and metaverse assets (metaverses are different worlds that will be running within the LegendsofCrypto Game ecosystem), including cards, and characters.

Users on our marketplace will be getting access to exclusive LOCG NFTs born out of collaborations with the very best NFT artists, athletes, musicians, creators, and crypto enthusiasts from around the world.

Read more here!

Before and After: The History of NFTs and LOCG

Catch up with everything NFT and LOCG with our latest thought article. Ethereum is synonymous with NFTs given that the vast majority of digital assets and projects currently run on the Ethereum blockchain. However, did you know that early versions of NFTs started on Bitcoin’s blockchain?

We’re the first-ever Blockchain and NFT-based project to host an industry-focused podcast connecting influencers, and phenomenal starts with our project and the wider community.

Know all about NFTs from the first marketplace in 2017 to present-day news, and the future which LOCG is spearheading.

Learn all about it here!

LOCG Art Foundation

The LegendsofCrypto team is working around the clock to bring legendary developments to the NFT space! This week we announced the creation of our LOCG Art Foundation, and we like to think of it as THE creative playground.

Through the foundation we will be supporting up-and-coming artists who wish to get into the NFT space by providing the right support including:

  • Vastly broadening their audience.
  • Providing technical support and NFT mentorship
  • Establishing a platform and opportunity to make new revenue opportunities.

NFT Digest

August’s first NFT Digest was phenomenal! August is off to a great start as the industry sets records not seen for months across all categories.

Every week, we break down the most relevant NFT industry updates into easy-to-digest bits that are fun and easy for you to read through.

Learn more about last week’s top projects, top NFT sales, major headlines, and more here.

For partnership and collaboration inquiries to us by email: partnerships@locgame.io

Join us today and keep up to date!



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