LOCGame Week Review: May 26 — June 2

Here’s are the latest updates!

We are in Miami

Come see LegendsofCrypto at the Bitcoin 2021 Conference in Miami from June 4–5! We’ve partnered with Ran Neuner to get physical and playable LOCGame card decks given out by Crypto Banter! So make sure you attend to get your hands on them! Register Bitcoin 2021 Conference here.

KuCoin Competition

To celebrate our $LOCG token being listed on KuCoin, take part in the Kucoin net buying and trading competitions! Participants have a chance to win LARGE in a pool of $40,000 in LOCG tokens between two activities.

Activity 1

The top 30 users with the highest net buying volume of the LOCG/USDT trading pair on KuCoin will win a share of $30,000 in LOCG.

Activity 2

Users with a net buying volume of 1,000+ LOCG, that pass KYC1, and add the LOCG/USDT trading pair to their favorites list will evenly split a $10,000 in LOCG Prize pool.

Read more about the competition on Kucoin!

$LOCG Airdrop on Coinmarketcap

We partnered with Coinmarketcap last week, on May 28th to launch an airdrop campaign with 250,000 $LOCG tokens up for grabs. Three winners will get $500 worth of $LOCG tokens, and the next top 1,000 will receive an allocation from a pool of 100,000 $LOCG tokens.

Those that HODL their $LOCG tokens for one more month will get 100 MORE tokens from an extra max pool of 100,000 $LOCG.

New NFT Cards in Q2

The LegendsofCrypto Game will be ready for deployment before the end of Q2 of this year, and we’re preparing exciting new NFTs! You can keep track of what that looks like on our website!

Youtube influencer Carl “The Moon,” and popular trader and investor Crypto Rand will be making their debuts in LegendsofCrypto as timeless characters!

NFT Digest

How closely do you follow NFTs? We’ve recently released our first weekly NFT Digest where we break down some of the most relevant updates of the week within the industry.

Learn more about the top projects, top NFT sales, major headlines, and more.

Join The Team! LOCG is Still Hiring

Our hiring/career page has vacancies for remote workers and individuals who want to work out of our office in Amsterdam. The open vacancies include tech lead, full stack engineer, marketing lead, and more.

If you believe that you qualify, and feel up for the task then LOCGame would love to hear from you! Visit our careers page for more details.

Join us today and keep up to date!








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