LOCGame Weekly Update — August 19th

3 min readAug 19, 2022


Holla, Legends!

How time flies. Slowly we have made it to the end of the 3rd week of August. We are thrilled about all the little victories and progress recorded so far. We look forward to even bigger accomplishments in the coming weeks.

We are truly grateful for your continuing support of our project. We do not take it for granted and will continue to give our best and deliver on all that we’ve promised.

Join us as we share our weekly update for today.


  • Game updates
  • Crypto Rebel rebrand and giveaway winners
  • Metaverse updates
  • Social media mentions

Let’s dive right in!

Game Updates

Shout out to our dev team. This week, they successfully delivered on the Web3 authentication, the In-game store UI, players’ avatar and Cryptise cross promo.

The updates to the in-game store logic are Friend list UI is still in progress. They also fixed some bugs in the How to play button and Arena. Finally, the main screen now runs the battle tutorial.

These latest updates will be available to all players by next week. Do not miss them.

Metaverse Updates

In this week’s Cryptise city update, we’re glad to announce that the Whitepaper and CRYC tokenomics are in progress. We’re still developing the 2D map upgrades and can’t wait to share them with you. Be sure to check our community announcements channels for updates.

Crypto Rebel Rebrand & Giveaway winners

We are excited to share that our sister company, Crypto Rebel is currently undergoing a major rebranding. The new brand identity and website will be unveiled in the coming weeks. In addition to the Rebel Digest and Rebel NFT news newsletters, they will be introducing Rebel Research — a new newsletter focused on the market summary, macroeconomics/policy analysis, Bitcoin and Ethereum Fundamentals Analysis.

To stay updated on the latest happenings in the crypto market, join the Rebel fam here.

Congratulations to all the winners in the just concluded Crypto Rebel giveaway campaign.

The lucky winners are;

  • Kane — winner of Trezor Model T hardware wallet
  • Henry Obelagu — winner of FitBit Charge 5
  • Gaetano Cessati — winner of Trezor Model 1 hardware wallet

Social Media Mentions



That’s all we have for you today. We trust that you will be back by next Friday. Until then, be good.

Have an amazing weekend.




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