LOCGame Weekly Update, January 14

Hello Legends! It’s Friday again and it’s time for a fresh dose of our Weekly Update.

First thing first, our Alpha 2.0 is out and is available for everyone to play. We expanded to free access, all you need to have is 15 unique cards to play our Alpha 2.0 release. If you don’t have our cards yet, head to OpenSea , get your 15 cards and start playing on game.locgame.io.

More info about how to play is available here: https://www.locgame.io/get-ready


  1. Tech team: Game Dev and JJJ Team
  2. Marketing and Community
  3. Partnership and Business Development
  4. They talk about LOCG

1. Tech Team Update

Game Dev Team Update

Alpha Version 2.0.

Voila, ALPHA 2.0 features have been added! Our team is now testing the latest version of the game. What’s next? You’re now able to play the game using your cards. Login to your LOCGame account and experience the action for yourself! We’ll give the juicy details for upcoming features that will be added.

Are you ready to see your favorite cards go head-to-head and truly immerse yourself in our world? We know it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, so join us!

JJJ Team Update

The team has worked tirelessly to make the magic happen. They upgraded the marketplace payment method where you can buy NFT packs with different currencies. The smart contract on OpenSea is also being completed.

Check out what’s news with the marketplace, brought to you by Jason:

2. Marketing and Community

This week, our marketing team had been working on the Ambassador Program and recruitment process, influencers, and regional communities.

​​As an ambassador, there will be many opportunities to contribute to our mission and become a member of the LOCGame family. While creating our unique brand and personality in the crypto gaming sector, we’ll let each ambassador choose the activities and duties that best suit them. Make sure that you will read our article on Monday on 17th January about the whole program. We can’t wait to have you in the LOCGame family!

Let’s watch our coolest friends Ash and Lisa from New Kids On The Blockchain playing our game, plus their reactions on their YouTube — NewKidsonBlockchain, available from Sunday, 15 January.

Stay tuned for more videos next week!

3. Partnerships and Business Development

We are working on an incredible new partnership with the upcoming AA MMO RPG game on blockchain the Unfethered. Official announcement will be out next week, meanwhile you can learn more about this project here:

4. They talk about LOCG

Check out this tweet: https://twitter.com/lordbogan/status/1481719657224712194?s=20

Onwards and upwards, legends!

Yours truly,

The LOCGame Team




New NFT Game & Collectible https://locgame.io/

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New NFT Game & Collectible https://locgame.io/

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