LOCGame Weekly Update: July 8th

Hello, Legends!

Another interesting week has come to an end. We hope that you had a great week.

Thanks for checking in with us. As usual, we have an update on everything that went down on our end. From AMAs to new partnerships, and of course an exciting update to the game.


  • Game updates
  • AMA with Tokenplay
  • New Partnership with gDEX Metaverse + AMA coming next week
  • Cryptise city Teasers
  • They talk about LOCG
  • Staking is coming

Game Updates

This week, in addition to bug fixes, we made several updates to the game. We implemented a battle hint system to assist players when they are almost out of time to play a turn. At 7 seconds, the system will highlight a card and the best possible tile to play if they are still undecided. This guide will help players not miss their turn.

AMA with TokenPlay

Following the announcement of a new partnership with Tokenplay, we started the relationship with an interesting AMA session. Our Marketing and PR Manager, Andria was on the hot seat, where she responded to questions and spoke about the origins of the LegendsOfCrypto Game, the ongoing Season 0, roadmap and the upcoming metaverse project, Cryptise City.

New Partnership with gDEX Metaverse + AMA

Earlier this week, we announced a new partnership with gDEX Metaverse. This new alliance will help us deliver on our promise of giving the best gaming experience in the GameFi ecosystem.

This is set to be a mutually beneficial relationship that will yield many positive outcomes including;

  • Feature LOCGame in the gDex platform
  • LOCGame features gDEX as a partner
  • gDEX will connect guilds with LOCGame
  • Guilds competition powered by gDEX and LOCGame
  • Integration of LOCGame in gDEX metaverse- Q3 2022

We will be having an AMA session with gDEX in the coming week, so get ready and prepare your questions for us.

Cryptise City

This week, we caught a glimpse of what is to come in our upcoming metaverse — Cryptise City.

We really don’t mean to blow up our own trumpet, but Cryptise City is poised to be one of the most exciting metaverse projects yet, and you should prepare to be a part of it.

Spoiler alert

A whole new exclusive riddles competition is coming ahead of our Cryptise City launch!

Watch out for upcoming trailers, there will be some hidden clues in them, and if can pick them all, you just might win something big.

They Talk About LOCG



Wen Staking?

We heard you all, and we are pleased to announce that Staking is coming next week!

In the coming week, you will finally be able to stake your LOCG tokens on Ferrum along with net buying and a major NFT giveaway to participants. Be on the lookout for the announcement. You don’t want to miss this!

That’s all we have for you today. Stay tuned for more announcements on our Discord and Telegram channels.

Onwards and upwards, legends!

Yours truly,

The LOCGame Team.



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