LOCGame Weekly Update, March 25th

  1. New Visuals From The Game
  2. New members of the LOCGame Team
  3. GDC event with BitMetis
  4. New Regional Blogs
  5. Updated RoadMap

1) New Visuals for the game!

  • Multiplayer gameplay is now in the production phase! Soon you’d be able to play and win big with your friends!
  • Season 0 of the LOCGame will be released this spring. Stay tuned for the official announcement!

2) Two new members have joined the LOCGame Team!

Elvis Kolawole: Content Marketing Manager

Kristina Klentak: Junior Project Manager

3) Join us at the GDC event with BitMetis!

LOCGame is participating in GDC event activities along with partner BitMetis!

4) We have brand new medium accounts!

5) We have a new updated roadmap!



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