LOCGame Weekly Update, May 20th

Hello, Legends,

What a busy week it was for all of us at LOCGame Team, and can you tell why?

Yes, we had our necks buried deep in preparation for the Season 0 launch, and we’re proud to say that it is finally here!

Before we unwind, let’s get you up to speed with all that happened during the week.


  • Season 0 launch
  • Q&A on Insta and AMA with Polygon
  • Mystery Box Holders Rewards
  • New soundtrack- VC Guy
  • Tube to Earn Campaign Extended until 17th June
  • Upcoming AMA and giveaway with Earn Guild
  • They talk about LOCG

Let’s dive in!

Season 0 launch

Season 0 of LOCGame is officially LIVE! Players can now use their Apollo or Genesis cards to play against friends in the PvP mode or to get on the battlefield and story mode to explore all the crypto cities. Weekly tournaments will start soon with major rewards for our legends!

This new season promises lots of fun and plenty of earnings. To join in, get your Apollo cards from the marketplace and play the game here https://play.locgame.io/.

Don’t forget to share your gaming experience and tag us!

Q&A on Instagram and AMA with Polygon

Earlier this week, our CEO, Mik joined Polygon Studios for an insightful AMA session, where he had the chance to share his experience in crypto, the inspiration behind LegendsOfCrypto and the recently launched Season 0. If you missed it, you can listen to it here.

We also had a Season 0 Q&A session on Instagram, it was an opportunity for our community members to ask questions and receive feedback on our project. Stay tuned for the next one soon!

Mystery Box Rewards

We have started sending mystery box holders their rewards, if you haven’t already submitted the form please do so, in order to receive your NFT packs.

As a Mystery Box holder, you will receive a reward for either holding or burning your box.

The rewards are;

1 Apollo Elite and 1 Apollo Super Elite for Box Burners

1 Apollo Prestige and 1 Apollo Elite for Box keepers

To burn your mystery box, simply transfer the Mystery Box NFT to the 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 address so that NFT disappears.

After burning,

1) Register on our Marketplace — https://market.locgame.io/

2) Connect your Metamask Wallet

3) Send the NFT burning transaction link, registered email address and Metamask wallet address to info@locgame.io.

After following these steps you will receive your rewards within a few days.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@locgame.io or reach out to our admins in the global telegram group https://t.me/locgame_io.

New soundtrack

What better way to chill over the weekend than playing LOCGame’s Season 0 while listening to our soundtracks?

We have a new soundtrack released today for the coolest legend- VC Guy.

You can check it out on YouTube or Soundcloud.

Next week, we are expecting the official Season 0 soundtrack to beautifully end the music album for Season 0. Stay tuned for our album release on Spotify coming very soon!

Tube to Earn Campaign Extended

We’re glad to announce that the Tube-to-earn campaign has been extended to June 17th.

This is to allow more creators the opportunity to join in for the chance to share the $10,000 prize pool reward! To participate in the campaign, sign up here, and we will contact you with the login credentials.

Play Season 0, record and share in your channels for endless rewards!

Upcoming AMA and giveaway with Earn guild

After another successful partnership, we are planning an AMA & Giveaway with one of our top guilds- Earn Guild. Join us on Tuesday, 24th of May for an AMA session with Earn Guild. More details to come. Don’t miss this out!

They talk about LOCG



There you have it, Legends.

Until next week, keep playing the LOCGame

Onwards and upwards, legends!

Yours truly,

The LOCGame Team




New NFT Game & Collectible https://locgame.io/

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New NFT Game & Collectible https://locgame.io/

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