LOCGame x The Unfettered Form Partnership with RBL Labs Investment

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3 min readJan 19, 2022


We’re pleased to announce that we’ve formed a new strategic partnership with The Unfettered, a P2E (play-to-earn) RPG platform that is redefining gaming in the metaverse. This collaboration was formed due to a recent investment made in the project’s private seed round by our parent company, RBL Labs.

This new development ushers in a new era of building together as we take the helm in the exciting world of P2E gaming in the metaverse.

Driving Mutual Success

This collaboration is a major stride forward as LOCGame continues to pursue our goal of becoming the leading P2E platform in the Web3 era. We’ve seen great potential in The Unfettered and are keen to work together with their team to create one of the most exciting gaming ecosystems.

We believe that through this collaboration, we’ll be able to harness our strengths and leverage our expertise to create synergies that will drive the growth of both our platforms moving forward.

We’ll initially help them design special in-game NFT (Non-Fungible Token) items that complement the plot of their game. Additionally, we’ll aim to create and sell card packs together that players can use interchangeably on both platforms.

Going forward, we’re also open to exploring various opportunities that will deliver mutual success for both LOCGame and The Unfettered. We’re really excited about the numerous possibilities that this new partnership presents and greatly look forward to working with their team to capitalize on our strengths to the fullest.

About The Unfettered

The Unfettered is a blockchain-based RPG game that follows through history dating back to thousands of years. The game offers its players numerous earning opportunities through in-game tokens, NFTs, and staking/swapping.

It’s based in the age of the Gods, a dark period of time that is experiencing tremendous violence and hardship. Players can immerse themselves in this historical world and assume the role of the savior, a woman chosen by death to safe the realm, among different ancient characters.

The platform also has various assets in its metaverse presenting players with the opportunity to buy land, open and operate shops among other lucrative opportunities. The Unfettered is one of the most innovative games that is reshaping gaming in the metaverse through unique and highly engaging experiences.

About LOCGame

LOCGame is an exciting NFT Collectible Strategy Card Game in which players go head-to-head in a highly competitive and supercharged environment. It has a simple gameplay mechanic that is both fun and greatly rewarding where players can assume the role of their favourite crypto influencers and characters. LOCGame is redefining blockchain gaming with its amazing features that provide an immersive experience. We offer rewards through tokens, in-game assets, and NFTs, among other collectibles. Users can also earn by using $LOCG tokens through staking and farming to unlock numerous rewards.



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LOCGame is a Play2Earn #NFT & Collectible Strategy Card Game featuring legendary characters from #crypto & #web3