Meet the 4Cs (Forces) — Characters, Rarities and Utilities

5 min readOct 25, 2023


The Collection

The ‘NFTs Are Bullshit’ is a satirical take on the ongoing NFT and Crypto bear market. The negative market sentiment has prompted heated debates between web3/NFT believers and crypto sceptics who argue over the sensibility of NFTs and whether or not there is a need for them.

Our upcoming collection is our response to these raging conversations — a collection of 2500 comic-style avatars with real-world utility and value.

The 4Cs (Forces)

The collection is centered around 4 main characters collectively known as the 4Cs or Forces — Controller, Catalyst, Cybers and Creators. The new characters are inspired by everyone who has played a pivotal role in the growth and evolution of the Web3 space. They are the forces who have driven and sustained the innovation of the ecosystem, and through these characters, we are capturing the conversation and sentiment through a lens of humour.

The Creator is inspired by all the innovators and visionaries who aim to radically transform the world of art within the web3 space. Through their passion, creativity, and innovation, they are shaping the future of digital art.

The Cyber is a bold, daring and dynamic entity venturing into the territories of web3, Metaverse, and virtual reality. They engage with advanced technologies, foster virtual communities, and push the boundaries of digital interaction, making cyberspace a vibrant and thriving ecosystem.

The Catalyst, just like their namesake in the world of chemistry, accelerates the evolution of the crypto industry. They lower barriers, making the crypto industry more accessible and dynamic, shaping its growth and expansion.

Controllers are the intrepid gamers leading the GameFi revolution. Their vision is to create a space where players wield true ownership with transparency and abundant rewards.

The Rarities

The 4Cs (Forces) collection consists of 2,500 NFT avatars in four different rarities — Prestige, Elite, Super Elite, and Legendary.

There are 625 Creators, Cybers, Catalysts and Controllers respectively.

For each C, there will be:

  • 250 Prestige avatars
  • 188 Elite avatars
  • 125 Super-Elite avatars and
  • 62 Legendary avatars.

Examples of Visual Attributes of the Rarities

Below are some examples of the visual attributes of the different rarities:

Note that some Prestige attributes can be found in Elite, Super Elite and Legendary avatars. Elite attributes can be found only in Elite, Super Elite and Legendary avatars. Super Elite attributes can be found in Super Elite and Legendary avatars. Legendary attributes can be found only in Legendary avatars. On the contrary, a Super Elite attribute cannot be found in Prestige and Elite avatars for example.

The Utilities

The NFTs Are Bullshit is a redeemable NFT collection. The rewards for holders include fashion items like t-shirts, hoodies, beanies and caps. Avatar holders will immediately receive LC points. The amount of points received will be dependent on the rarity of the avatar. The LC points will ultimately be redeemed as a merch item or a LOCGame NFT pack.

Also among the redeemable items is the LegendsOfCrypto Table Card Game. It is the first time that the table card game will be available for sale. This is a special edition crypto-themed Top-Trumps card game. The cards feature some prominent elements of the crypto pop culture, hilarious memes, and taglines to entertain, educate and initiate the sceptics. It is a fun game that can light up a family game night or any gathering of friends in need of a fun and memorable experience.

Other utilities of the avatars are the ability to rename your avatar, LC points to be used as discounts for future merch items, staking NFT avatars to earn $LOCG token and more.

Holders of the avatars will receive benefits and utilities as follows:

Prestige Avatars

  • LOCGame Starter Pack ($80)
  • 20% Discount on Any NFT Pack Purchase
  • LC Points to Redeem Merch

Elite Avatars

  • LOCGame Starter Pack ($80)
  • 30% Discount on Any NFT Pack Purchase
  • LC Points to Redeem Merch

Super Elite Avatars

  • LOCGame Starter Pack ($80)
  • 40% Discount on Any NFT Pack Purchase
  • LC Points to Redeem Merch

Legendary Avatars

  • LOCGameStarter Pack ($80)
  • 50% Discount on Any NFT Pack Purchase
  • LC Points to Redeem Merch

The new collection is not merely about aesthetics and hype. With its unique avatars, engaging themes, and substantial utilities we are on a mission to bridge the gap between Web3 and Web2. The collection offers a holistic experience for NFT enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re in it for the art, the debate, or the perks, there’s no denying that this collection offers something special.




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