Official Announcement: Partnership With Rainmaker Games

Why Rainmaker?

  • The largest global P2E game platform with a Personalized User Interface,
  • The first-ever Premiere Guild Verification Tool,
  • Effortless P2E Game Discovery & Training,
  • The most extensive P2E gamer data logging system with the Flexible Gamer Profile, &
  • The NFT Marketplace & Banking Integration

Who benefits from this partnership?

  • Gamers: Gamers worldwide will get to play hundreds of P2E games (including LegendsOfCrypto) and earn, learn, and connect like never before.
  • Guilds: Gaming Guilds could gain access to the largest gamer database and recruit verified players. They can build better teams and alleviate the strain on time and money vetting players on their own.
  • Investors: Investors holding the native token of both platforms will be able to participate and earn from their efforts within the platform ecosystem.



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