Official Announcement: Season 0 Of The LOCGame | 19th May

3 min readMay 13, 2022


As promised, Alpha 2.0, the very first playable version of the LOCGame was released in Q1 of this year. It was powered by the Genesis Edition NFT Cards, and featured an exciting PVE gameplay that was a hit with gamers and investors alike. Now, LOCGame is taking it a step further!

Following the successful launch of the Apollo Edition NFT Sale, it’s only right that buyers get to enjoy the cards in action very soon. With that in mind, LOCGame is excited to announce the impending release of SEASON 0!

What to look forward to in season 0!

Season 0 is set to be launched on the 19th of May, 2022. This season is the battleground for owners of cards from the Apollo and Genesis Edition of NFT Cards. Just like the previous season, you will need 15 of these unique cards to partake in the game — hurry up & get yours if you haven’t!

That being said, here’s what you should look forward to:

New Game Modes

The new season is going to feature the PvP Mode and numerous Tournaments, in addition to the existing PVE mode.

  • PVE Mode: This classic mode is a saga-type PvE mode in which the player will be playing in a series of matches against different AI in different locations on the map. The player will be rewarded with Legendary coins as rewards on completion of each level.
  • PVP Mode: Players will be able to play one-on-one with friends in friendly matches. A player won’t get any reward or XP points on winning or losing the match.
  • Tournaments: This mode will enable numerous legends around the world to compete for rewards on a regular basis. There will be Normal & Hardcore Tournaments. One to look out for!

Characters from the Metaverse

Season 0 of the LOCGame will be the first point of contact for many characters that only have a home in the upcoming Metaverse. These new characters have fascinating backstories and are guaranteed to give the game a compelling edge!

Asides the new characters, you can expect exciting upgrades to characters you know and love, such as The VC Queen, The Dumper, and many more!

Apollo Edition Cards

As previously announced, Season 0 is the battleground where the Apollo Edition of NFT Cards will be deployed for your premium entertainment (& investment). Each of the 1,375 packs in the Apollo Edition is a testament to the fireworks in store for the season!

15 of these unique NFT Cards are required to play the game, so hurry to get yours if you’re yet to do so. They’re available on the native LOCGame Marketplace or Telegram!

The LOCGame is itching to welcome you into Season 0 on the 19th of May, 2022. Be sure to look forward to it with excitement!




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