RBL Labs at Token2049 in Singapore | Recap

3 min readSep 19, 2023


Last week, we had the incredible privilege of attending the TOKEN2049 event in Singapore. This annual crypto gathering stands as one of the industry’s largest, bringing together luminaries from Web3 companies and projects to share their invaluable insights into the crypto landscape.

But TOKEN2049 isn’t just about tracking the latest trends; it’s a platform where speakers provide a truly global perspective, unveiling the immense potential of blockchain technology.

The event also felt like a warm crypto family reunion, drawing in a diverse crowd, from business leaders to devoted crypto enthusiasts and media professionals. We relished the opportunity to network with potential investors, reconnect with old acquaintances, and build exciting new relationships.

This year, we were ably represented at Token2049 by our Founder and CEO, Mik Mironov.

Here are some highlights and pictures from the event;

Day 1: Build For Miracle event

We attended the Build For Miracle event organized by MetaStone Group. We had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with the Aibit Exchange team, Kyber Network, and Solana Gaming team.

Day 2: InfraCon X GrowthCon Panel Discussion

Mik was also a panellist at the InfraCon X GrowthCon event at Token2049, where he shared the stage with other brilliant speakers, including Sachi Kamiya from Polygon Labs, Zack Zhang from JoJoWorld, Monica Zou from MetaWorld Entertainment, Benjamin Charb from Life Beyond Studio, and Francis Brankin from Shrapnel.

The panel discussion was on the next generation of killer games. If you missed that discussion, here’s another interview with Mik, by PlayToEarn Games on the future of Web3 gaming. Read the interview here.

During the networking sessions, we connected with several capitals and funds. We also caught up with companies in our network like Coinstore, Biconomy, Transak, and the influencer and industry-savvy EvanLuthra.Eth.

LegendsOfCrypto Table Card Game on the Spotlight

As always, we did not miss the chance to show off the LOCGame table card game. We had a great time playing several rounds with our friends from Sony and Kucoin. Everyone who had the chance to play was filled with great compliments for the game and our stylish merch.

Making New Friends and Catching Up With Old Ones

During the conference, we caught up with our old friends and made new ones, including Yolanda Yang from ABC Investment, Tanay Nadamonger from Temaesk Fund, Melly Boo from Revolut, and Jay Putera from Sanctor Capital.

We are still reeling from this year’s edition of Token 2049. Our goal in attending this event was to establish new partnerships with investors for new opportunities and we look forward to following up on the connections made for a more fruitful impact on our community

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