The Legend Begins: Season 1 of LOC Game 🔮

What is Legends Of Crypto anyway?

What’s the current state of the game?

  • PVE Mode,
  • Friendlies, &
  • Tournaments

What does Season 1 have in store?

  • New Leagues
  • Story Mode Free2Play
  • PvP — P2E with tournaments
  • Sustainable Economy
  • Guaranteed ROI in the PVE mode
  • Weekly Reward Pools
  • Launcher: Free2Play
  • Riser: Play2Earn
  • Mooner: Pay2Earn

Gameplay of LOCGame Season 1


  • Game Rarity,
  • Visual Rarity,
  • Custom Frames,
  • Health,
  • Attack Power,
  • Character Name,
  • Character Description, &
  • Special Ability

Story Mode

  • A maximum number of Legendary Coins (LC) are up for grabs every day.
  • 120 days of gameplay are required to recoup the initial investment in cards.


  • Arcade League,
  • Bronze League,
  • Silver League,
  • Golden league, &
  • Legendary League

Earn & Spend!



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