We’re in partnership with Infinity Force!

As always, we keep searching for ways to give you the best possible experiences within and outside our ecosystem. This is why we’re pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Infinity Force, a platform dedicated to better connecting the P2E world of gamers, guilds, and games!

Why Infinity Force?

Infinity Force is the leading play-to-earn guild management system that guides users to develop their own guild through its integrated platform. As Play-to-Earn games continue to gain traction and global mass adoption, Infinity Force supplies the infrastructure to support the ecosystem. The product provides end-to-end software as a service (SAAS) encompassing player recruitment and onboarding, training and development, as well as performance management automation, payments processing, and data analytics.

Previously, Axie Infinity was the only game supported on the Infinity Force Platform. The success of Axie Infinity convinced us that a similar solution was required to smoothen the scaling up of our ecosystem, which already consists of numerous gamers and guilds.

Accordingly, we expect that this partnership will be a major factor in our strategic growth and longevity!

How do you benefit from this partnership?

As the first cross-chain management system for P2E games, Infinity Force is sometimes called “The Salesforce For P2E Games”. As a result, you can expect a similarly robust suite of solutions. Here are 5 ways this partnership could help you:

1. Easy access to the ecosystem for new guild managers and players.

2. Provision automation tools for effective performance monitoring of gamers.

3. Opportunities for Scholars (players who are sponsored by guild managers) to build their own scholarship programs.

4. Support for cross-chain NFT gaming management.

5. Provision of financial support to drive community growth.

We can already hear you saying:

Of course, we will. We’re as excited as you are! Be sure to watch out for further info on this very soon.




New NFT Game & Collectible https://locgame.io/

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New NFT Game & Collectible https://locgame.io/

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