We’re launching the Season 0 Staking Pool!

“Season 0: Apollo Heights” Staking Pool Details

  • Up to 188% APR in Maturity [Details Below]
  • Special Apollo Collection NFT Packs Giveaway

How to participate in the staking program

  1. Get some $LOCG tokens in your MetaMask Wallet through Uniswap
  2. Connect your wallet to the Ferrum Network via our official staking page.
  3. Stake your desired amount of $LOCG!
  4. Complete the form on the staking page (only if you bought $LOCG on Uniswap)

Earn up to 188% APR

  1. Buy $LOCG on Uniswap.
  2. Fill out the form at the bottom of our official staking page

Terms & Conditions

  • Standard APR% from the staking pool is 18.8%.
  • In order to increase your APR%, you must buy $LOCG from Uniswap between the 14th — 24th of July to qualify for these rewards. Buying more than 888 LOCG qualifies you for higher APR% ONLY if it’s bought from Uniswap within this time period.
  • No matter how much $LOCG you stake or have in your wallet, you need to buy at least 888 more LOCG on Uniswap in order to increase your APR%.

Apollo Edition NFT Rewards!

  • 1st winner gets a Wolf of Crypto Legendary Pack worth $400.
  • 2nd winner gets a Sacrifice pack worth $390.
  • 3rd winner gets a Wolf of Crypto Super-Elite Pack worth $290
  • 4th winner gets an Apollo Super-Elite Pack worth $240.
  • 5th winner gets an Apollo Elite pack worth $180.



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